Learn exactly how passing out flyers just two hours a day is making me lots of money

Check it out folks, no hype.. no salesman crud about some shotty program that ultimately makes you lose money.. I am talking about earning a full time income from two hours of work in your spare time.
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March 26, 2012 - PRLog -- Right here you are going to learn exactly step by step how I make good money simply by dedicating two hours a day handing out flyers.

Please take this time to remove all distractions, children, animals, food anything that will take your attention away from this important piece. Please grab your note pad and pen you will be wanting to take notes.

First things first you need to sign up to work with me personally you can do so by visiting my website http://www.helpsix.com/ , watch the online dvd presentation, then sign up.

After you have completed the step to begin working with me directly you will be given my personal cell phone number as well as my email address. You may call or email me anytime you ever have any questions.

Now that you are a member let me begin by thanking you for joining me in this business opportunity now let me show you just how to leverage some local power into making you large sums of money.

Before we begin I have to make sure you are not wasting your time.. Did you subscribe to the $10 basic adventure or have you gone all in and subscribed to the $40 Premium Venture?

I sure hope you have chosen Premium, to keep it short it is simply for the extra bonus incentives the premium members get.

Let me explain a little more.. You see when you hand out lets say 300 fliers and for example lets say a measly 30 people sign up. Your bonus incentive pays you not only the normal commissions every month they stay signed up buy you will also gain a weekly $100 bonus for every 5 people you sign up in a week.

Calculating up these figures 30 people means you have 6 bonuses because every 5 signed is a $100 bonus! That is a whopping $600 bonus!

Seriously how many flyers do you think you can hand out in one day?
-Answer is a lot.

How many do you think you could hand out in one day if you had lets say you and three other people helping?

Let me answer that real quick.. lets say you get 100 handed out in one hour.. Remember you are not going to be doing a lot of talking just tell the people a the door you get paid to go door to door handing these out and let the video presentation do the selling for you.

Okay so you get 100 handed out in one hour that means 200 in two hours of work. That is just you alone, now count for the other 3 people who also handed out 200 flyers a piece that is a total of 800 flyers handed out in one day.. now imagine if only 80 people out of 800 signed up.. We are talking massive cash bonuses!

If you join my team I will give you my flyer source so you can replace my website address with your own so you can start making killer money.

I pay my cousins .10 cents for every flyer they hand out.. They are getting paid about $10 an hour so they are happy as am I with the results this method does for me.

Thank you for taking your time reading this

more information at ( http://www.helpsix.com/ )

Thank you for your time I do hope to see you on the other side.. there simply is no better time then now to jump on this cash wave.

# # #

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