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Griffin cases for the Apple iPad and iPhone are the case that I personally use. Whereas I don't own an iPhone, I do have an iPad as well as a 11 month old and 6 year old. My Griffin Survivor case has been safe-guarding my iPad 2 ever since Christmas.
By: Courtney Scott
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March 26, 2012 - PRLog -- Griffin cases for the Apple iPad and iPhone are the case that I personally use. Whereas I don't own an iPhone, I do have an iPad as well as a 11 month old and 6 year old. My Griffin Survivor case has been safe-guarding my iPad 2 ever since Christmas of 2011 looks just the same as it did right out of the package. This unit is indestructible in my opinion. If you don't know, it is constructed to mil spec standards to hold up against dust, liquid, shock and vibration, and wind. To put it plainly, if you want a case to defend your iPad, then your search has finished.

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Once we first got the iPad, I couldn't help but observe that my heart was racing. Despite the fact that the iPad was so awesome just to look at, I just kept wondering about how many scratches and dings, or (gulp) a crushed screen, and immediately told my wife that we're going to get a case. Many of the cases out there for the iPad are quite trendy, however the protection levels that they provide are sub par. The Griffin Survivor completely envelops your iPad. There is a reinforced framework that snaps around the border of the housing and an extremely robust rubber frame designed to fit over top of this frame. Additionally, there is an integrated plastic cover that fits perfectly over the screen ensuring no liquids will touch the screen.

Now, to be clear, I haven't completely submersed my iPad in water or put this thing to any particular tests just to see the results. I don't recommend doing that either. However, I have my built-in testing crew comprised of the aforementioned children in addition to an 80 pound puppy dog and dare I say clumsy wife. I love you sweetie! Never the less, I've learned to accept that things won't stay nice and new for very long. However, it's been three months and counting and there isn't a nick out of the rubber housing, a scratch on the protective screen, nor any other hint of damage or use besides some sticky fingerprints. I do wipe the case down with a cleaning wipe every one to two weeks too.

For those who are concerned about how the protective screen might affect functionality, you don't have to worry. I was very concerned right after installing the case as the screen didn't react properly. However, I discovered that the problem lied in the fact that we had already put another screen protector on the iPad moments after we got it. So, I was trying to use the unit with two screen protectors in place. Once I removed the stick on screen protector, then everything worked perfectly. So, let that be a word of advice to not install another screen protector on this unit when you have the Griffin Survivor installed.  See our review for the Griffin Survivor by clicking on

Lastly, we'll discuss the size and specifics of this case. It is a little beefier than other cases we tried out at the local Best Buy. However, that's the most obvious reason that it offers much more protection. In fact, once we got home and installed the case, I found that I liked the additional thickness. It was a littler easier for me to handle. Additionally, the rubber case helped to hold the iPad in place as it gripped whatever surface it was on. There's a stand that comes with this case as well which is easy to take on and off. All of the buttons, ports, and speaker are covered by rubber tabs. These are easy to get a hold of if you would like connect headphones or hear the speaker better. Everything is very, very well protected, hassle-free, and offers great functionality.

In closing, I couldn't be happier that I chose this case to guard my iPad. I've actually recommended it to those I know who also own an iPad. Since of course, these things are very valuable but so easy to damage. It is imperative to spend the extra money to make sure that your expensive investment isn't broken or ruined unintentionally. By investing in a Griffin Technology Case, you'll be lengthening ?the life span? of your Apple iPad.  Find out where to buy other Apple iPad accessories by visiting us at

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