YouBeAware Announces New Audit Program to Protect Consumers from Getting Scammed or Ripped-Off

The new program will allow consumers to audit their financial obligations, including accounts that have simple and variable interest rates. Members will have the ability to audit their auto, boat , furniture, student loans and credit cards accounts.
By: David Cutler
March 26, 2012 - PRLog -- Today, YouBeAware LLC, a Florida-based company announces, after many years of working on their new audit program, that they anticipate it to be operational by the end of summer and available for their members by the end of the year. The new program will allow the consumer to audit their financial obligations, including accounts that have simple and variable interest rates. For example, members will have the ability to audit their auto loans, boat loans, furniture loans, student loans and credit cards to name a few. With the number of financial institutions constantly promoting loans in today's world, coupled with the number of existing consumer loans, the company feels that this is the perfect time to offer their audit software program to the general public.
Their unique online audit software has been in design and development for many years and consumers will be able to do their own audits from the comfort of their own home, office or even mobile device. What makes this different than any other audit software programs that are sold, is that the consumer will be able in real-time to see the mistakes that the financial institutions have made. Mistakes which cost the consumer $35 or more, over the life of the loan, are known as TILA violations or Truth in Lending Act violations. While many different audit software programs can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, members of YouBeAware LLC can access this software for only $10 a month, which includes unlimited use.
YouBeAware LLC, an Orlando, Florida business, has been in operation since 2005 where it was originally designed as a warning system for severe weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes and snowstorms. The original business plan of YouBeaware LLC was to have tens of thousands of members around the world that would be notified about weather conditions using an automatic dialing machine. However, as time moved on, their focus became more of a consumer advocate company that offered all kinds of online services to assist the homeowners.
One of their online services offered to homeowner’s is a documentation program, which will prove to insurance companies the contents of the home in the event of a disaster. Other services they offer to their members include, cleaning up credit, mortgage audits, online reputations and many others. Managing Director and Co-founder, David Cutler, says, “Thousands of people are being ripped off and scammed out of thousands of dollars from the lending institutions, and this new software will stop the banks from taking advantage of consumers whether intentionally or unintentionally.”
Mr. Cutler went on to say that, “We are excited to be launching this new do-it-yourself online audit software to our members. We are anticipating great success and thousands of new members to join YouBeAware. Working the last few years assisting our members with mortgage audits, and seeing how much money the banks have ripped off, by just making a mistake on a decimal point being in the wrong place, has cost homeowners thousands of dollars. By using this new software it should eliminate any scams or stop the consumer from some kind of a rip off.” David Cutler, Co-founder, also expressed that, “It was amazing to see how many mistakes that large and small banks have made on such an important document like a mortgage. More than 70% of the mortgage audits that have had a forensic compliance review have had either a financial mistake from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, in fact one of them had more than $100,000 error. Under the Truth in Lending Act, there are many laws put in place to protect the consumer, like debt to income ratio, falsifying documents, unaffordable loans and much more but the one that we see often is that more than a $100 mistake can void the agreement between the consumer and the bank.
David Cutler said that, “When we observed this taking place with large banks and mortgage lenders, it was a no-brainer to start looking at those with smaller loans to see if they had been taken advantage of in the same way. It was no surprise that we found the small loans were just as bad as the large loans where the consumer was overpaying due to financial calculations. We are not saying that all banks or financial institutes are a scam or a rip off, but it certainly looks like the majority of the loans that have been issued have some kind of mistakes. Mr. Cutler shares, “Wouldn't you be upset if you found out that you were overpaying your auto loan or credit cards by $50 or $100 per month?  That could mean, as much as, several thousand dollars before you pay off your financial obligation.”

David Cutler and his partner John Hanson said that, “We have spent tens of thousands of dollars and over 18 months of research and development on this program. We are excited to start monitoring consumer’s accounts like car loans, credit cards student loans and much more to see the results.  YouBeaware’s new software is easy to use and will immediately give you the result in real time.  All you need is your invoice, monthly bill or payment and a computer and a few minutes each month. Once you become a member of YouBeAware, you receive your access name and account number, all you need to do is open a new account for each loan you have. You will be asked to input your initial loan information which will include the origination date of the loan and the interest rates and penalties with some other basic information. Each month you will apply the payment that they are requesting and our software will automatically calculate if you are overpaying and by how much, it's that simple. YouBeAware is on the cutting edge of this technology with this new software, once proven it is believed that there will be a strong desire to be used all around the world, and potentially could have millions of customers in the next few years.”
Mr. Cutler who goes as Dave or David Cutler, is the original owner of YouBeAware and he got involved in working with consumers because of some personal problems he had in his own life, which caused great difficulty to him and his family. David Cutler wanted to inform the general public that it is not always true what you see on TV and read in the newspapers or internet. In many cases, the things you read are inaccurate. During the many weeks involved in designing the business plan and model for YouBeAware, he had a strong desire to share with the general public the knowledge that he had received from these experiences.
This was the birth of YouBeAware LLC and Mr. Cutler strongly recommends that you be aware of the laws and small print in contracts. For example, when faced with losing his home in the housing crisis, it was due to the mortgage payment increase of over $3,000 per month when a three-year ARM mortgage matured. Like many others, he believed that the property would increase and he would be able to refinance but unfortunately the housing crisis made refinancing impossible. Mr. Cutler and his very enthusiastic team are fully committed to helping the consumer with this new software and their belief is that whether they save just a few dollars, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each month in payments, it will make a difference in many families around the world.

Contact: David Cutler, Managing Director
1-800-594-2125 x.300

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A consumer education and awareness group providing services to its members to improve their lives and finances and protect their family and assets. Services are provided at discounted group rates.
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