Terry Murray Discusses Creativity in Business on AM Ocala

Terry Murray, Managing Director of Performance Transformation, LLC™, discusses the competitive advantage creative thinking delivers to businesses in the 21st century on WOCA's AM Ocala radio program.
March 16, 2012 - PRLog -- Terry Murray, the author of "The Transformational Entrepreneur ~ Engaging The Mind, Heart & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success" was interviewed yesterday morning by Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane on WOCA radio's AM Ocala program.  The conversation focused on how creativity in the workplace has become a strategic imperative in today's volatile, global economy.

"Creativity can no longer be relegated to R&D or marketing," commented Terry.  "Creative thinking belongs at every touchpoint of the organization.  Even old world manufacturing companies are conducting business in very different, very disruptive ways as compared to ten years ago."

Performance Transformation is a strategic and professional development company that employs their proprietary Accretive Coaching Process℠ to promulgate creativity in the workplace (http://ignitingcreativityinbusiness.com).  The company's innovative approach integrates peer-reviewed research from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, biochemistry, Core Mammalian Emotional Systems, Applied Behavioral Economics, performance psychology, creative thinking and quantum physics with experiential learning and dynamic coaching.

"The research emerging from the neurosciences as to how the creative brain works provides fresh insights into how to develop leadership competencies and work environments that promote and support the neural develop of our prefrontal cortex," Adds Mr. Murray.  "Introducing novel concepts in a novel, experiential environment triggers the development of new neural pathways...new ways of thinking actually emerge."

The creative process, while still somewhat mysterious, can be defined by several phases of neurological processing.  Novel experiences are typically the stimuli that initiates the process.  This is followed by an exploratory period of divergent thinking, taking in a wide variety of perspectives.  Convergent focus follows.  Using brain scanning technology, scientists have observed a certain region of the prefrontal cortex activate when professional jazz musicians are improvising.  It's an inhibiting response to distraction and emerges in the same vicinity as emotionally intelligent, mindful thinking.

"Creativity that leads us to the eureka moment requires an incubation period, during which time the brain silently explores new circuitry," said Terry.  "Stimulating this process also addresses our natural resistance to change.  The brain is very conservative with the use of energy.  It is easier to follow well established, old neural pathways than to create new ones.  It's like anything in life; the more we do something, the easier it becomes, so that's where we focus.  Helping leaders, knowledge workers, clinicians, and other professionals get into the process of stimulating new neural pathways and new ways of seeing and thinking about the world."

During the interview, co-host Larry Whitler asked Terry about his approach of experiential learning with horses for leaders and business professionals.  

"Connecting, engaging and motivating a 1,200 pound, highly intelligent horse without using coercive or dominating behaviors is a pretty novel experience for most people!  Horses require presence and congruency in order to engage with human beings.  The safe, ground-based exercises evolve around co-creating authentic relationship with a highly sensitive prey animal.  Properly framed, the process initiates the emergence self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, social awareness and relationship management competencies; the key attributes of emotional intelligence.  These same skills help hold the space for creative thinking to occur as well."

You can listen to the podcast of the interview here:  http://ignitingcreativityinbusiness.com/2012/03/16/terry-....

For more information, please contact Terry Murray at (941) 485-7428.

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