Dexter's marriage is in question.

Set Scene: It is 6:00am Dexter did not sleep well because he was thinking how badly he needs a job. Amber (Dexter’s wife) is cooking breakfast and the kids are getting ready for school.
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March 14, 2012 - PRLog -- Set Scene:
It is 6:00am Dexter did not sleep well because he was thinking  how badly he needs a job. Amber (Dexter’s wife) is cooking breakfast and the kids are getting ready for school.

Dexter: (enthusiastically) Good morning honey, I am going to apply for a job at the meat processing plant today.

Amber: (yawning) Good morning dear, where did you hear about that job?

Dexter:  The mailman told me about it yesterday. I hope I get the job because things are tight around here. Are we still having Priscilla’s (Dexter’s daughter) birthday this weekend? If I do not get that job we might have to cancel somethings.

Amber: (smiling) Yes, she has been excited all week, she invited some friends. I can ask Dad for a small loan.

Dexter:(prideful) No way, I want to provide for my family. If I have to go into debt I will get the money somehow. You know I can work with Pete for a couple of days.  It is not much but it will help.

Priscilla: (excited) Good  morning daddy, Can we rent a pony for my party. Gabriel had a clown for her party, everyone is still talking about it. I want people talking about my party.

Dexter: (as he picks her up) Good morning baby, Do not worry my baby will have the best party on the block. You are daddy’s little princess. Are you almost ready for school?

Priscilla: Yes daddy, but Sam is playing his game. (Priscilla is happy to tell on Sam) Sam, daddy said put that game down and come on here.

Sam: (sigh) Ok, pumpkin head. I need to grab my books. (Sam see his daddy) Good morning daddy, are you driving us to school today?

Dexter: What’s up my little man. I can drop you guys off on my way to apply for a job.

Sam: (supportive of his dad) Do you think you will get it daddy? (Sam remembers he wants a new game) I saw this new game I need.

Dexter:  I hope so son. Even if I do not,  do not worry about that. You are just a kid.

Meanwhile the kids get in the car with Dexter and he drops them off at school and Dexter drives to the processing plant with his resume.

Dexter: (Dexter is being hospitable) Good morning ma’am. I am here to apply for your loading dock position.

Clerk: (as she looks down) Here is the application, fill out the highlighted areas and let me know when you finish. (she looks Dexter in the face) You look familiar. What is your name?

Dexter: My name is Dexter ma’am, you look familiar too. (Dexter is surprised to see her) Do you have a brother named Arlo?

Clerk: Yes, he is in jail now. He ran with a bad crowd. (interested) What have you been doing with yourself? Didn’t you used to date Amber?

Dexter: Well I went to the military, Amber and I got married and we have two beautiful kids. Okay, let me fill in the application, it was nice seeing you.

Clerk: (smiling) You too, let me know if you need anything.

(Dexter is finished filling out the application.)

Dexter: I am finished now. Here is the application.

Clerk: Let me look it over, ok name, address, employment history. (she thinks I need that) You forgot your phone number.

Dexter: Oh, I am sorry, How would they call me.

Clerk: (mmmm) You do want us to call you don’t you?

Dexter: Yes ma’am, I need this job.

(Dexter leaves the office thinking I am not sure but I think she was hitting on me)

Dexter: (Inner thoughts) Naw, she was just happy to see you, you told her you were married.)

(Dexter arrives home)

Dexter: I am home baby, How is dinner coming? I am almost hungry.

Amber: (happy to see Dexter) It is almost done, Did the kids make it to school okay? I need my hair done? How did your job hunting go?

Dexter: (Dexter is thinking, do not mention Jane) It went alright, I just have to wait and see. Have you seen my tools? I am going to change the oil in the car.

(Jane and Amber had a bad fight in high school)

Dexter: (Inner thoughts) If Amber finds out Jane works at the processing plant she might not want me to take the job. Go change the oil and she will not come outside and ask you any questions.

Will the company ever call Dexter?

Will Dexter tell Amber he ran into Jane? Will Priscilla get her party?

Stay tuned

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