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A bright yellow powder obtained from natural deposits of the mineral (Also known as Brimstone) Many uses but a prime one is to rid your pet / horse of ticks, fleas, mite etc also Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis.
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March 12, 2012 - PRLog -- What IS Flowers of Sulphur?
A bright yellow powder obtained from natural deposits of the mineral (Also known as Brimstone)
Under a microscope, the tiny crystal resemble flowers, hence the name.  It is a natural and pure product.
The Benefits
It stops all itching on animals and humans.  Antiseptic and Antifungal.  It can be used on flowers, plants, vegetables.  It is safe to ingest.  It can be used on carpets without staining.
It is cheap compared to proprietary medications, apply as much or as little as you like.
Most popular uses for people
Dab some on a mouth ulcer, it removes all the soreness and promotes fast healing.
A ¼ teaspoon will kill a sore throat
Can be applied to wounds and grazes.  
Cures skin conditions, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis
Kills and repels Head Lice
It is in many Arthritis Preparations
Aids hair growth
Kills bacteria on the skin
Treats and heals nappy rash
Effective for pre-menstrual syndrome
Has been used to help with mental stress, lack of energy and also willpower!
Sulphur was known to ancient societies, and in the Bible it is called Brimstone. Among the various conditions to which it has been applied as a medication for some 2,000 years are skin disorders such as scabies. Commercially, sulphur is used in the production of dyes, fungicides, and gunpowder. Homeopathic Sulphur is mainly used to treat skin conditions, such as eczema, candidiasis, or diaper rash where the skin looks permanently dirty and is dry, scaly, itchy, red, and worse from being scratched, and a dry scalp.
Digestive complaints that are helped by this remedy include a tendency to regurgitate food; indigestion that is worsened by drinking milk; vomiting and chronic diarrhoea that occur early in the morning; hunger pain with a sinking feeling in the stomach that occurs around 11 a.m. itchy, burning haemorrhoids; redness and itching around the anus and anal fissures.

Most popular uses for Animals
It treats all skin complaints in animals such as flea allergies, mange and scabies.  Sulphur can be used on cuts, grazes and wounds.
Kills and repels Fleas and Tics.
Treats Ringworm.
There is a parasite that attacks Bees, it is believed that possibly contact with sulphur can prevent this parasite, although this is not yet proven. The parasite is Varroa destructor.
Pour a trail around an ants nest, is a safe way to eradicate ants.
Good for sweet itch, lice and mud fever as well as skin complaints.
Powdered sulphur which is sometimes dusted onto vines to protect them from powdery mildew (called oidium in French).
For Club Root, Cabbages, Brussel Sprouts etc, dip the transplants in flowers of sulphur.
Fine grade sulphur powder for rapid soil pH correction.
Many people years ago used to take Brimstone & Treacle. To ‘sort you out’ Also, Mr Southall from the West Midlands told me about another use for this. It is supposed to cure mouth ulcers. I was also told the other day that a lady's mother used to blow flowers of sulphur through a straw to the back of her throat, it would 'kill' sore throats and throat infections! Now that could be really handy!
Gwendoline D uses this for cheyletiella mites. I hadn’t heard of this one. "How to use Flowers of Sulphur on cats with Cheyletiella mite infestation ......
Mix 1 part Flowers of Sulphur with 2 parts Simple Talcum powder, parting coat rub in gently on body head and back of ears, making sure you are in a ventilated area.
I found to my horror when I used Flowers of Sulphur neat without adding the talcum powder on my Persian cats, it made their coats (fur) very dry and brittle resulting in breakage, no good on show cats.
I used to show my Chinchilla Persians. Going to shows we picked up all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and there are sadly no products from the vets that would get rid of these awful mites. Not even Frontline. This treatment has been tried and tested so I know it works. One of our senior cat judges told me about Flowers of Sulphur.
I had run out of Flowers of Sulphur as Boots no longer stock it, so when I found you I was really happy. I don't have this wretched mite anymore, but use Flowers of Sulphur now as a preventative."
"Thank you so much for your advice on the Flowers of Sulphur.
I applied it to my horse, Ally and it appears to have worked. It's
difficult to tell as he'd also just been wormed so I'm not sure what
helped the most but I like to think it was the FoS. His itching has
almost stopped. He no longer carries a traffic cone into the middle
of the arena to scratch himself on ( I had been wondering how the cones
would be moved every day after I put them into the side. I caught him
carrying it ). He still likes to complain when I apply it even though
I'm just shaking the powder on using an old talc container. I think
he just likes to be awkward. His legs are healing and the hair is beginning to grow back. He's much, much happier.
I'm definitely going to re-order when I run out even just to have
as a standby for the midges bites in the summer. I'm also going to
recommend it to my friend who has psoriasis."

Always best to apply dry really.  Shake it on like you would talcum powder and rub in or use a powder puff or flour shaker.
This can be mixed with Pig Oil or Udder Cream for example and applied to feathers.  The feathers need to be clean and dry, then apply.  As much sulphur as possible added to the oil/cream.
To make an ointment, use Petroleum Jelly.  Slowly melt a jar full and add 2 or 3 tablespoons of Sulphur, mix well and allow to cool.
You can also put sulphur in Dogs drinking water, it is said to cool them in hot weather.  I have never found this terribly successful though as sulphur floats.  It does not mix well with water.
I am in no way medically qualified.  All that I state here are testimonials from other people and my own personal experiences.  
The only bad thing I have ever heard about sulphur is that it will very quickly tarnish Silver, so do not wear any silver jewellery when handling.
I would love to hear any feedback,  good or bad, about Sulphur and your experiences.  Please feel free to contact me at www.morganhorse.co.uk  info@morganhorse.co.uk
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