HOW Remote Cell Phone Spy Software Works | HOW to Install Remote Phone Spy like Cell Tracker

For some reason the subject of remote cell phone spying and whether remote cell phone spying is possible or if programs like Blueware and Cell Tracker scam this a subject of great mystery. Learn exactly how remote cell phone spying works...
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March 8, 2012 - PRLog -- This page on remote mobile spyware reveals:

-How & Why Remote Cell Phone Spy is Possible
-Exactly How Remote Cell Phone Spying Works
-Which Remote Cell Phone Spy Software is BEST & LEAST EXPENSIVE
-How to Install Remote Cell Phone Spy like Cell Tracker [ ] & Blueware [ ]

How to install Cell Tracker is a fairly straightforward and uncomplicated process. Remember Cell Tracker, unlike most phone spy, does NOT get installed to the mobile device you want to spy on.

Cell Tracker gets installed to YOUR  phone.  The way it works? Anytime the target phone, the one you are spying on,
-receives or makes a phone call
-sends or receives a text message
-sends or receives an e-mail
-visits a website

info about this data, whether incoming or outgoing, gets transmitted to and relayed on the screen of your cell phone.  For this reason a remote phone spy like Cell Tracker is best installed to a phone with a fairly large sized screen area although this is not absolutely necessary.  An example of a great screen for viewing spy details that are relayed to Cell Tracker  are cell phones like Iphone or HTC Evo.  Both of the cell phones have large screen areas for easy viewing of the CellTracker data sent to your mobile.  

Here are step by step instructions for how to install Cell Tracker .

-Download Cell Tracker to your desktop or laptop PC. I am often asked if it's possible to directly download Cell Tracker to a cell phone without involving a PC.  This is absolutely not possible as cell Tracker is a zip file which contains many other files and programs besides Cell Tracker itself.  In the Cell Tracker zip there is also a PC spy and several the publications such as how to catch a cheating spouse, however to extract the truth from someone, etc.

-Unzip the cell Tracker files. The file that is the actual phone snooping or phone spying application is labeled 'mobile phone hacker'

-Connect your cell phone to the PC with a data cable. If you don't have one you should be able to get one at Radio Shack or your cell phone store. They are very inexpensive.  It is the exact same cable you would use to transfer pictures you have taken with your cell phone to your computer.

-After connecting the data cable transfer the mobile phone hacker program to your cell phone.

-Shutdown and restart your cell phone.

-Find the Cell Tracker program and press it to launch it.

-At this point to begin spying on someone's cell phone you need to frequency connect your cell phone with theirs.

-Select the menu item 'initiate call monitoring'

-Call the target cell phone, the one you wish to begin spying on with Cell Tracker. You must establish and maintain a connection with that cell phone for at least 30 seconds. There are several ways to do this. You can call them normally an engage in a conversation lasting for at least 30 seconds. You can call them at a time when you know they won't be able to answer and let it go to voice mail.  Keep in mind you will not successfully create this connection if their cell phone is turned off. You'll know their cell phone is turned off because when you call them it goes immediately to their voice mail.  If their cell phone rings at least twice before going to a voice mail then you have successfully established a connection with their mobile device. Allow 30 seconds to go by before hanging up.  If you are in a situation where you are not supposed to be contacting this person then you can use a caller ID masking service like spoof card. []  This service allows you to make their caller ID show ANY name and phone number you wish.  Keep in mind you can not block your phone number by dialing *67 first.  This method of anonymity does not a allow for successful connection with the target mobile device.

From that point on any time the target mobile phone sends or receives data of any kind including phone calls, text messages etc., a copy of that data is transmitted to your cell phone as long as your cell phone is turned on and has cell phone service.  If your cell phone is not turned on or does not have cell phone service at the time this information is attempting to be transmitted to your mobile you'll miss the data at that time. There is no way to retrieve any information that you have missed.  In order to be able to view data you have missed, for example text messages that have been deleted, you would need to use a SIM card reading stick.  The way this works is you insert the cell phones SIM card into the SIM card reading stick, plug the device into a compute, laptop or desktop, and a software application and built into the SIM card reading stick will launch allowing you to view all SMS sent and received during the past week or so. Of course to use this sort of device requires you get access to the target cell phone. You can find out more about this device by visiting brick house securities website. [ ]

At any time you wish to temporarily or permanently stop having communication details relayed to your mobiles screen you simply launch the Cell Tracker application again and select the menu item 'terminate call monitoring'.  One of the hugely popular advantages of Cell Tracker over other phone spyware is you can initiate and terminate spy monitoring as often as you wish. This allows you to spy on a limitless number of cell phones although keep in mind with Cell Tracker you can only spy on ONE mobile device at a time.  You can change the device you are monitoring by going through this sequence of initiating and terminating call monitoring as many times as you wish and it anytime you wish.

Frequently I am asked how is it possible that this sequence of initiating call monitoring allows for the complete surveillance of another cell phone without direct access to that phone. The reason for this question is many of the most popular phone spy software requires you to directly install the spy application to the target device which requires you're getting direct access to that device which is not the case with Cell Tracker .


Think of the cell phone you are spying on as a radio station.  Think of your cell phone, the one with CellTracker  now installed to it, as a radio.  A radio station, just like a cell phone, transmits at a very specific frequency.  In order to listen to a radio station you have to turn the dial on your radio to that exact specific frequency - say for example 98.7 FM.  In essence you if frequency paired the radio station with your radio allowing you to receive all the data emanating from the radio station.  In the example of the radio station the data is talking and music.

When you launch CellTracker  and call the target cell phone staying connected for at least 30 seconds you are allowing CellTracker to ascertain the exact frequency the cell phone is transmitting on.  Without getting overly complicated about the technical details Cell Tracker is able to tune itself to that frequency which takes approximately 30 seconds.  The only exception to this is if the connection to the cell phone is iffy for example if your cell phone or their cellphone has bad cell phone service while attempting to create this frequency connection.  From that point on anything that cell phone transmits Cell Tracker is tuned to that cell phone so a copy of the data is transmitted to the cellphone where Cell Tracker is installed.

Although this sounds very advanced, super high tech, futuristic, it's actually an old technology that begins with the invention of AM radio. In fact the military has been using remote spy tactics for decades now.  It is only recently that the technology of remote spying and phone snooping is available to the public through software for spying on cell phones like Cell Tracker .

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