“Rare Baseball card” The Cobb/Edwards 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner card is sat for auction

For over a decade,cousins John Cobb and Ray Edwards have been working to prove the authenticity of their T206 Honus Wagner Card.Their journeying has been long and difficult, but the card has been authenticated. Follow them as they prepare for auction
By: Ray Edwards
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March 6, 2012 - PRLog -- “The Worlds Rarest Baseball card” The Cobb/Edwards
1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner card is sat for Auction…

  “The Holy Grail of Baseball cards” the rare Cobb/Edwards Honus Wagner T206 card is up for auction on April 18, 2012 on E-bay.  This same card has been feature on HBO Real Sports and ESPN-OTL on debate of its authenticity and because of the controversy, the Cobb/Edwards Honus Wagner card has went under every test imaginable to prove its authenticity and has pass every forensic test giving.

    The Honus Wagner T206 card in this auction is owned by Cincinnati, OH entrepreneur, Ray Edwards and his cousin John Cobb. Cobb purchased the card in 1983 or 1984 from a speculator for $1800; its earlier provenance is unknown. It has a Piedmont (Factory 25) back, as does the card -- once owned in part by hockey star Wayne Gretzky -- that sold on eBay for $2.8 million.

   Check out the results from the experts on carbon, printing, forensics and more at www.honuswagnerauction.com .  Many have disputed the authenticity of the Cobb/Edwards card, but nobody can disprove the authenticity with facts. With the memorabilia industry being investigated by the FBI (Operation Foul Ball) for card doctoring, shill bidding, false COA, etc.., The Cobb/Edwards card has pass all industry standards when it came to authenticity.  The Cobb/Edwards card is graded as an “Unreleased Version” authentic 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card by ACA Grading.  That means that this card was stopped at the printing press and is missing the black ink that would make this card complete.  Why it was stopped at the press, no one knows.  This card is the only T206 Wagner in the world that has been authenticated by science to prove its authenticity.  No other Wagner T206 comes with forensic test of authenticity on its COA.  

   Honus Wagner is said to be the greatest player to ever play on the diamond and is amongst the first 5 to be inducted into the Baseball Hall Fame. The T206 Wagner card is at the top of every baseball card collectors want list.  The Cobb/Edwards card is the rarest of all T206 Honus Wagner cards and will be the talk of any collection.  For the Cobb/Edwards card, the next step in its history is up to you. IPS authenticated the paper stock, Arnie Schwed the printing method, Johanne Bergeron, Forensic Document Examiner, Martin Brouillard Senior Grader. Bob Connelly says it's in very good condition and probably worth about $850,000. What it's really worth is up to you.   The one and only 1909-11 T206 Cobb/Edwards Wagner card.

The Cobb/Edwards journey to authenticate there Honus Wagner T206 card for over the past 10 years is what movies and books are made of.  What a story to be told.  Visit: www.honuswagnerauction.com  to see the forensic report, auction details and much more on the Cobb/Edwards 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card.  

Ray Edwards

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