Whisper Spa Walk-In Baths with Sanitary & Safe, Pipeless Hydromassage Jets

The safest and most advanced jetting system resulting in a bathing collection destined to transform the Walk-In Bathtub industry.
The Great Escape Walk-In Bathtub from Whisper Spa
The Great Escape Walk-In Bathtub from Whisper Spa
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March 5, 2012 - PRLog -- http://www.premierewalkinbathtubs.com

Premiere Proudly Introduces Whisper Spa Walk-In Baths with Sanitary & Safe, Pipeless Hydromassage Jets

Finally! Something different...and infinitely Better!

The finest bathtubs combined with the safest and most advanced jetting system destined to transform the Walk-In tub industry.

It's difficult for many of us to get in and out of a regular height bathtub, and even harder for the elderly and those with disabilities. For some people, it is simply impossible. Further, as we all know, wet slippery surfaces and high walls can and do cause accidents and injuries, even for the young, and able bodied. Thankfully, there is a way to still enjoy a warm, relaxing and safe bath easily, and safely: A Walk-In Bathtub with a low threshold door, and molded seat, or a wheelchair transfer tub with a door, wherein the bather simply sits on the seat, and pivots their legs into the tub. A Walk In Bath can enhance life for seniors, and the physically challenged.

BUT...what if you want to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy while reclining in your wonderful, easy access walkin tub?  Are you still bathing safely? The sad truth is a resounding no.

The Walk-In Bathtub has become an integral product for those wishing to "Age in Place", or with limited mobility. Before now, all Walk-In bath manufacturers have basically been offering the same type of product with very little change to looks, style or efficiencies.

All traditional water and air jetted bathubs have a maze of pipes and hoses that allows water to become trapped after the pumps and blowers have been turned off.  The water sits in the pipes making them a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbial growth as soap scum, debris, hair, body waste and dead skin accumulates in the damp environment of the pipes.  When the pumps are turned back on, the gunk that has accumulated is flushed back into bath water where it poses a health risk for unsuspecting bathers.

In fact, in testing conducted at Texas A&M University, 100% of water samples taken from piped whirlpool and air baths from locations throughout the United States tested positive with high concentrations of infectious bacteria, and 81% for fungi including: E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Legionella and Pseudomonas.

Not only is the bacteria flushed into the bath tub, it is dispersed into the air (aerosolized) and aspirated by bathers. This is particularly dangerous for  people with certain medical conditions, and those who are immuno-compromised or post-operative.

Leading spas, resorts and healthcare facilities throughout North America choose Pipeless jet technology to provide safe, clean and quiet hydromassage for their guests and patients.

Now Whisper Spa introduces a new collection of Walk-In Baths featuring patented Pipeless jets produced by industry leader SANIJET.

The finest baths combined with the safest and most advanced jetting system resulting in a bathing collection destined to transform the Walk-In Bathtub industry.

Finally, you can gently step into relaxing, soothing and clean bath water the way it was meant to be, and enjoy a spa quality experience in the comfort of your own home.

On all Whisper Spa Baths, water is moved through the bathing area by easy to clean jets with removable face covers. No more contaminated hidden pipes and air channels providing a warm, moist, nutrient-rich environmant where harmful bacteria can multiply and endanger bathers. Just minutes is all it takes to  completely clean and disinfect your Whisper Spa.

The Pipeless jetting system makes a Whisper Spa Walk-In tub quieter, healthier, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly than any other walkin bath. You can now save electricity and bathe cleaner while taking a peaceful, relaxing, quiet hydromassage bath.

Whisper Spa's jets make half the noise of a traditional piped whirlpool bath and one-fourth the noise of an air-bubble system.

The impressive water flow is accompanied by an equally amazing lack of noise. Because there are no noisy, high-vibration pumps and blowers installed beneath the bathtub, the only sound you hear is the quiet flow of water, so you can relax and enjoy bathing the way it was meant to be.

Pure, clean and ultra-quiet, Whisper Spa's pipeless jet technology also dramatically reduces water heat loss. In fact, during a typical bathing period, only 1.5 degrees are lost, almost imperceptible to the human body. By comparison, piped and air-bubble systems can lose up to 8 degrees during the same period due to the injection of cool air and lengthy external piping and channels.

Of course, with a jetting sytem of this quality and level of innovation, the bathtubs themselves must also be of incomparable quality, and are. Whisper Spa Walkin Bathtubs are crafted to the highest standards, and certified by IAPMO*.

Whisper Spa Walk-In Baths are safe and easy to get in and out of. Simply step over the low threshold unto the slip resistant floor of the tub, shut the door, sit down on the comfortable chair height seat, and fill the bathtub with calming water. Whisper Spa's Walk-In Bathtubs are designed for comfort, safety and easy access and make bathing a peaceful experience, rather than a stressful one. We believe that taking a bath should be the ultimate comfort, and that is why our product is the best quality available on the market, and assures a worry-free experience. Luxuriating in one of our Walk-In tubs is the perfect way to begin and/or end every day.

Our easy to use, secure doors are warranteed water-tight for life. If there ever is a problem, Whisper Spa will replace the seal at no cost to the customer. Our commitment to complete comfort and satisfaction is absolute. The handle on our doors is ergonomically custom designed, and very easy to use, even for those with arthritic problems. Whisper Spa's Walk-In tubs feature an extremely comfortable, built in contoured seat. The seat is 17 inches high, so the bather will never have any trouble getting down or up. Bathing can be enjoyed without a struggle to stand or sit.

In short, there are NO other Walk-In Bathtubs on the market that compare with the Whisper Spa collection.
We have eleven different models and sizes to fit every need. Please visit our Gallery of Walk-In Baths to see them all.


Our pricing is competitive with much lower quality, piped Walk-In Baths. Please call us for specifics: 888-526-3590.
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