Vaccine Alert from Wallene James

Vaccine Alert - New book from author, activist & Vaccination Liberation founder Wallene James – “The Vaccine Religion is a 21st Century Mass Mind Virus”
By: Carol Adler, President, Dandelion Books, LLC
March 1, 2012 - PRLog -- Best selling author and vaccination liberation activist Wallene James has just issued her latest vaccine alert in a second book, The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & The Struggle For Human Freedom.

According to James, The Vaccine Religion is a 21st century Mass Mind Virus marketed by a multi-billion dollar hospital, drug, and insurance racket and reinforced by the World Health Organization, the United States Government and mainstream media.

James, who is the founder of Vaccination Liberation: Citizens for the Repeal of the Compulsory Vaccination Laws,, argues that no one has ever proven the efficacy of any vaccine, nor has anyone proven that vaccinating a population against a specific disease led to the decline or total elimination of that disease.

“Not only do vaccinations damage the immune system,” writes James, “they damage the nervous system as well... to my knowledge, no other medical treatment—with the possible exception of orthodox cancer treatments for children—is forced on people with the aggressiveness and sometimes ferocity as vaccinations.

“No other medical intervention that I know of so blatantly violates a basic human right as spelled out in the Nuremberg Code... argues James, “so why does the United State Center for Disease Control recommend that babies receive 45 injections of toxic substances known as ‘vaccinations’ by the time they are 6 months old?”

Throughout the United States, concerned parents, truth-seekers and knowledgeable health care practitioners are asking the same question that James raises in her new book: “When did the police powers of the state start dictating personal health care choices and foist upon men, women and children of all ages compulsory medical procedures such as vaccinations?”

A retired English teacher, writer and lecturer, James’ first book, Immunization: Reality Behind The Myth (1988, 1995), was an overnight bestseller. It is in its second edition, seventh printing.

Writes Ingri Cassel, current director of in the introduction to The Vaccine Religion: "Walene James has written an important sequel to her first book on vaccinations, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth.

"While the title of her new book, The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & The Struggle For Human Freedom, may be disturbing to many who have found themselves caught up in the vaccine religion, it is imperative that people grasp the power the vaccine dogma has over our lives.

"Others thought the title needed to be changed to reflect the vaccine issue as a health freedom issue. But after they read this important book, they will understand why forced vaccination is truly a human freedom issue having more to do with control of the masses than the façade of health."

The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & The Struggle For Human Freedom (ISBN 978-1-934280-94-2), published by Dandelion Books,, is available globally at all online retailers, including & B& It will soon be released in ebook format for all ebook readers and smartphones, including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc.

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