Sun Born Natural Products Reviews & Accepts Offer for Athlete Sport Training Clinics

Sun Born is off to a ripping new year with new sports training program for both adults and youth
By: Roland G. Ludlow
March 1, 2012 - PRLog -- After a year in the making, Sun Born Natural Products Company organizes a written and hands-on athlete training program with Grandmaster Greg Yau, the inventor of Herbal Chi Balm, master martial artist, and 15 year wellness instructor in San Francisco, CA. The program has been available and taught for years to many athletes through private lessons by Grandmaster Yau, and for the first time, will soon become available to everyone. Yau's clients include professional athletes such as former Olympian and world class sprinter Patrick Johnson, and 12x martial arts hall of fame awarded Sambo champion, Grandmaster Jody Perry. Additionally, a youth program is also being implemented. The youth athletic clinics will focus on techniques that help strengthen tendons in growing youths to help prevent injury, and to improve safety in their sports.

The adult clinics are designed to address "internal training", and will teach athletes better balance, more flexibility, added strength, improved stamina, and amplified focus, which are key to elevated athletic performance. Traditionally, athletes mainly focus on  physical training in their respective sports, and spend little time learning to harness their internal energy.

Said Grandmaster Yau, "Most athletes spend a majority of their time only focusing on the physical aspects of their sport, thus they are deficient in knowledge that high level martial artist's have always known, that real power comes from within. We plan to teach this art to athletes in all types of sports, along with proven methods to enhance their bodies and performance without strenuous exercise"

The final aspects of the new program are being finished, and athletes and consumers alike will be able to find information on the sport clinics on Sun Born’s website within the next 3-4 weeks. In the coming month's, DVD's of the programs are expected to be released as well.

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Sun Born Natural Products Company is the primary distributor of Herbal Chi Balm, a 100% all natural product used for pain relief, rigorous sports training, and fast recovery after workouts. Sun Born also disseminates information about natural sports training, and health. Our mission is to create a paradigm shift in sports, changing the focus to all natural safe products for training, and new training methods for athletes to help them reach optimum levels of performance.
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