New Book Reveals Shocking Discovery To Prove That Contact Has Taken Place With Ancient Alien Society

A new book by lay Scientist Steve Pearse reveals the results of an eight year scientific examination into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis that proves that the star map drawn by Betty Hill is fairly accurate as drawn when viewed from Earth!
By: Steve Pearse
Feb. 28, 2012 - PRLog -- For the very first time ever, the news of a major scientific discovery is finally being released to the general public to prove for once and all that we are not alone in the cosmos, and that an alien civilization has made contact with us. In the new book “Set Your Phaser to Stun” lay scientist Steve Pearse reveals the exciting new details of his pioneering research into two anecdotal stories that paved the way to a amazing new discovery in the field of Ufology and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The Kindle e-book retails for $9.99. Amazon Link:
The hardback copy is published by Xlibris and is also available at Amazon and other on line book stores at $23.99.

This new book “Set Your Phaser to Stun” by lay scientist Steve Pearse is the culmination of an intense eight year scientific examination into the UFO phenomenon and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Quite by chance the author discovered a very unique anecdotal story on the topic of where the “Grays” came from in a remarkable one on one conversation in 1993. For many years the scientific community has routinely dismissed anecdotal stories that come out from the UFO community, and knowing all too well that the scientific community would never look into such things, the author did what the scientific community has refused to do, and that was to simply be willing to listen to their point of view, and to then spent some of his time and energy to research two anecdotal stories. The preliminary results finally proved that anecdotal information so often discredited was sufficient enough to warrant serious investigation. In the belief that the conventional wisdom was dead wrong a decision was made to investigate the following anecdotal story:

Erik Wilson:
In July of 1993, my husband Erik had an amazing alien encounter while we were living in Portland, Oregon. I was very careful to write down exactly what my husband said because an alien being specifically told him where he - or they –were from. Erik remembered his experience immediately - no hypnosis was used.
Erik’s conversation with a Grey is as follows:
"We go on the deck. I ask him, 'Are you from the Pleiades?' The Being adamantly replies, 'No.' I ask him where he is from. We look in the sky to see the Big Dipper. He says, 'See the Ursa Major?' I reply “Yes”. The Being then tells me, 'The star cluster to the right and below. The one with the triangle to the left and the little stars in between...we're from that one. “The fourth planet from our sun."
The narrative provided some very tantalizing clues as his attention is directed to the Big Dipper in the narrative on how to locate their star, then a triangle was also mentioned. Years earlier Betty Hill had drawn a star map with a triangle that she said was quite prominent. The suspicion that they were one and the same was very strong. The triangle was found just as the being had mentioned to Erik Wilson, and the validation of this key feature soon laid the ground work to quietly mount an intense project to validate the reality of the star map. Betty Hill drew the star map and Erik Wilson got the map quest directions to break the secrets of the star map when the being directed his attention to the Big Dipper and the adjacent triangle. The discovery is the fact that the star map is fairly accurate as drawn, and the proper vantage point to view the star map is from Earth! Plotting the star map out by the Right Ascension and Declination as viewed from Earth lead to this amazing discovery. According to M.K. Stoskopf, “it should be recognized that serendipitous discoveries are of significant value in the advancement of science and often present the foundation for important intellectual leaps of understanding.”
Steve Pearse served four years in the military with the United States Army Security Agency 77th SOU (Clark Air Base) with a top secret teletype crypto clearance. He is now a lay scientist, e-book author, and a retired business professional with over 25 years in the field of credit management and account reconciliation of State, Federal, and Mass Merchandiser accounts.
As a lay scientist, Steve uses his strong analytical and research skills in studying the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis; specifically the question humanity has been asking for thousands of years: Are we alone in the Universe?
In the year 2000, Steve Pearse came to the conclusion that many so called anecdotal accounts involving UFOs -- which were so often dismissed in the media as unreliable testimony -- were actually true. A turning point came when Steve stumbled across shocking new information relating to Betty Hill's Star Map, which in turn led him on an exhaustive eight year investigation into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The culmination of Steve Pearse's research resulted in his new book, Set Your Phaser to Stun. There is little doubt that his discovery will be a stunning revelation to everyone who reads this important new book.

Not only has Steve Pearse scientifically proven that the Star Map Betty Hill was shown in 1961 is actually Earth Based -- he has located the home world of an extraterrestrial species that has been reported by thousands of people worldwide.
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