Jay Giannone Goes Undercover As New York City Police Detective In "SAFE"

Tough talking Boston actor known for his roles in "The Departed" and "Gone Baby Gone" talks tactical training with the Philadelphia Police Department and fight scenes with Jason Statham.
By: Christa Scherck - Celebrity Style & Publicity
Jay Giannone in SAFE
Jay Giannone in SAFE
Feb. 27, 2012 - PRLog -- In the new action-thriller SAFE, Jay Giannone plays Detective Kolfax, a rough around the edges undercover New York City police detective who takes no prisoners. He is a man on a mission with a pushy Captain, played by the talented Robert Burke. He's got a Glock 9mm in his hand for most of the film and in many of the action scenes with the lead character Luke Wright, played by Jason Statham.

Giannone is an old friend of Statham’s, so working with the actor was as he says "a dream come true, but also a lot of fun. Jason is a great actor who is always prepared. He may change a fight sequence right in the middle of rehearsals just because he wants it to look more practical." and jokes, "He is the kind of guy that helps you up off the ground after he puts you on it.”

The films writer and director Boaz Yakin is someone who Giannone calls "a real actors director and a brilliant guy with a vision. He sees the movie in his head and then films the scenes to match his thoughts."

When asked what he thinks about an action film with so much emotional intensity Giannone says "I feel very connected to the characters in this film. It's great when you can connect with the film in that way. It's very entertaining and not just a bang bang shoot him up fight film. It has depth, and a fantastic story line."

Of the various props used Giannone offers "I had a Glock 9mm and a shot gun in the film. It was quite heavy and felt like the real thing. I trained with the Philadelphia police department for a week, considering we shot the film in both Philly and New York. The cops we a great bunch of guys and they taught me a lot about tactical training and approach. It was a real honor playing a New York City police detective."

In preparing for the action sequences Giannone would rehearse fight scenes with both Statham and J.J. Perry who was the co-stunt coordinator along with Chad Stahelski. "J.J was a serious mentor to me. He really took the time to work with me on technique. He and I were always working something out from a fight scene or a gun battle. He taught me alot and also made it a fun learning experience."

"Safe" hits theatres April 27, 2012 for more information see http://www.safethefilm.com

About Jay Gianone:
Jay Giannone was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He grew up in Southie, in the Old Harbor projects. Jay comes from a long line of Artist's, his Great Grandmother was a painter and his Grandmother was a song writer. He grew up watching his Mother (Janet) who graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in N.Y perform in her rock and roll band, and in her theater group which inspired him at a very young age. Growing up, Jay was in various break-dancing crews and evolved into a voice in the hip hop community as a rap artist. He was signed as a recording artist to various Record Labels. In 1996 he landed his 1st role in a tv series and continues to live his mothers dream and has managed to find love for the art of acting.


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About Safe:
Lionsgate and IM Global present in association with Automatik a Lawrence Bender production in association with Trigger Street Productions and 87Eleven, Inc. Written and directed by Boaz Yakin.

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