Sparkbrowser Secure Aternative to Safari Web Browser After Google Tracking Cookie Privacy

Over the past several months Sparkbrowser has been gaining momentum in the technology sector. Landing several marketing contracts, and gaining venture capital. It is rumored that Sparkbrowser will trade equity on private markets in 2013.
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Feb. 20, 2012 - PRLog -- February 20, 2012 - Sparkbrowser, An innovative software company based in Cambridge MA, has recently released materials for their updated website for 2012, and additional information regarding the launch of their new browser.

Sparkbrowser is completely secure, and many consumers are looking to switch to sparkbrowser after their privacy may have been invaded by Google Tracking Cookies on Safari Browser.

Three US lawmakers have written to the Federal Trade Commission calling querying whether Google's been violating a consent agreement that it reached with the FTC last year.

The move follows last week's revelations that the company had been bypassing privacy settings in Apple's Safari browser to install cookies, even where the browser was set to reject them.

And Republican representatives Cliff Stearns of Florida and Joe Barton of Texas, along with Democrat Edward Markey of Massachusetts, say this may contravene the terms of a sweeping privacy agreement that Google reached with the FTC last year.

The consent order required the company to introduce a full privacy program, and barred it from misrepresenting its privacy practices.

Sparkbrowser has already taken hold of Asian markets. When released to BETA testers over 25,000 copies of the software were downloaded in the first weekend. And over 40,000 copies of the software were downloaded the following week.

Sparkbrowser is not only a browser but an operating system for the web. Taking many design features from MAC OSX, Sparkbrowser is a user friendly browser that makes browsing the web easier for everyday users.

The most innovative feature of our new browser is the ability to share your Spark™, organize your favorite sites, and customize your own personal homepage! There is essentially no difference between Sparkbrowser and professinal website building sofware like Adobe Dreamweaver. Much of the code used in Sparkbrowser was taken from the Spark Software Group Website creator software. The softare used to design your own personal homepage is the same software that Spark Software Group uses to create some of the most visually stunning sites int he world for corporate clients. Use the power of this edting software to easily create a beautiful homescreen, and share it with your friends.

Sparkbrowser allows users to share their spark on the public website, and download other sparks to any browser.

Sparkbrowser is the flagship product of Spark Software Group, and the project will undergo a second funding round following the launch.

Sparkbrowser delivers an ad free environment for all users, however following launch a free version will be made available with ad enabled content. This free version will be part of Spark Ad Network.

Sparkbrowser and Spark Software Group are currently keeping their project somewhat secretive, no source code has been made public yet, and no advertising has been done yet.

Several promotional videos were released in December showing a new layout and some of the features. The browser was shown at CES and in several marketing events in Cambridge MA. At the moment the project is in development stage.

Download the browser from

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About Our Company
Founded in 2010 to solve the problems with traditional web browsers, our team wen to work to build the best browser available on the market. We took exisiting features that we liked from exisiting browsers, made them better, and got rid of the features that we did not like. Eventually we built a better product than apple, mozilla, google, and microsoft, combined.

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