Psychic Phenomena Author Ellen Marie Blend writes Monthly Articles

Psychic Phenomena Author Ellen Marie Blend posts monthly articles of her experiences.
Ellen Marie Blend
Ellen Marie Blend
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March 10, 2012 - PRLog -- Ellen Marie Blend, writer of psychic phenomena, has four books on the market and one autobiography of her tumultuous career and ending at General Motors Corporation.  Her books can be found on eBay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through major bookstores.

Ellen claims she has no end of spiritual and metaphysical experiences in her life, and says her job is to share them with others through her writing.  Some day she hopes to expand her gift of healing, but feels she is still learning and will be ready for that phase a little later in life.    

Ellen also writes monthly posts of her supernatural experiences and connection with the spirit world.  She has been writing for Reverand Charlie Brown at for many years, beginning with his newspaper, called Psychic Eye, in Toledo, Ohio, no longer being published.  

You may also read her articles by signing up on Facebook with Ellen Blend, or following her on Twitter.  A sampling of her articles follow:

To See an Angel

Ever since I began my spiritual journey, I’ve been presented with many experiences.  It seems that the spirit world wants me to encounter enough events to understand the enormity of what is beyond our current world.  I’ve questioned much and received many answers.

Among the many spiritual occurrences that I’ve had, I still asked to see an angel.  I wanted to have that experience.  I discounted the fact that I have seen my guardian angel clearly in my mind’s eye.  And I dismissed the fact that I was protected in a car accident by the unseen angel that swept me up in its wings.  

Then I read a book that said that very few people have actually seen an angel, so I considered that my request was too much to ask.  Then one evening, as I was attending a group meeting and all were sitting in chairs formed in a circle, I was soon to be appeased with another type of viewing.  

As I stared at the carpeting in the middle of the ring of people, I saw four gold bars light up on the floor.  That got my attention, vyfxf and as I waited, I could faintly see the gold cast of an angel with large wings upon the floor.

Even though angels rarely show themselves in full projection, I believe this was an attempt to satisfy my request.  

The Healing  

I had been suffering terribly with an unknown disease for many years.  It was not recognized by doctors and therefore any medical assistance was denied.  I was turned away repeatedly.  

I prayed a lot for help.   I prayed to St. Peter and Michael, the archangel.  I prayed to God.  I asked for relief from the torment I was enduring.  No help came.  At least I didn’t recognize the help that I might have been getting.  I tried numerous home remedies, and some very dangerous treatments, to alleviate my pain and suffering.

A little fairy visited me continuously, in my mental vision.  Sometimes she would sprinkle fairy dust just prior to her visit, or I would hear a gentle little bell ringing to know that she was near.  I didn’t understand what her visits were all about, but she visited frequently.  I expect that my praying is what caused her to come to me.

Finally, someone told me that fairies were much in favor of nature, and all things natural.  After some time, I realized that she was telling me to use nature to help my condition.  Going back to primitive times and cures brought me some relief, but not a cure.  

As the years passed, my condition became more manageable, but I still endured much suffering.  I still silently prayed for relief.  Then one night as I lay sleeping soundly, a light appeared in front of my chest of drawers, waking me.  A warmth fell all over me, and Mother Mary appeared in the light.  I felt that she was there to heal me.  I could feel the light and heat radiate through me as I gazed at her presence.  She was there for several minutes, and I soaked in the light and warmth that she brought.

I thanked her profusely, but I did not heal.  I rationalized that there was only so much that she could do, and I thanked her for her valiant efforts.  Much later I have come to believe that even though she wasn’t able to heal my body, she surely healed my spirit.  How else did I become so strong and go on living through such an ordeal?  How else was I able to endure the torture?
She gave me the love and strength that I needed.  That was her gift of healing.

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at or send an email to

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Ellen completed a full-time career with a Fortune 100 Corporation and rounded out her education beyond a Master’s degree with technical and literary training. She currently writes non-fiction books, primarily Body, Mind & Spirit, and screenplays.
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