World War Web Advisory #5: First Sopa/pipa/pcipa/s2105, Now Hr2096/hr3523/hr3674/s1152/s2111

With NDAA 2012 in place and EEA in process to control its citizens, and HR 658 enabling DHS WAASS Skynet drones to surveil the skies, America's corporate-controlled Congress now shifts its focus to fast-tracking cyberfascism.
World War Web: Fast Track to Fascism?
World War Web: Fast Track to Fascism?
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Feb. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- WORLD WAR WEB ADVISORY #5: CYBERWAR: FIRST SOPA/PIPA/PCIPA/S 2105, NOW HR 2096/HR 3523/HR 3674/S 1152/S 2111

Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA: Public Law No: 112-81) codify the executive (civilian agency e.g. CIA/DHS/FBI) authority to arrest and hold indefinitely without charge or trial American citizens - indefinite detention - as claimed by Presidents Bush and Obama pursuant to the post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force Act (AUMF: Public Law 107-40), and add to that authority the "option" of military detention as well.  And although President Obama assured in his signing statement that his administration would refrain from exercising their military options, Presidential signing statements are merely political documents with no force of law or penalty for breach.  Besides, once the Enemy Expatriation Act is passed (EEA: HR 3166/S 1698), should an American citizen's rights become an obstacle our government will be able to simply revoke their citizenship (naturalized OR native born):

With NDAA in place and EEA in process to control the citizenry on the ground, the corporate fascist elite that controls our government and others next looked to secure the skies.  They accomplished that on Valentines Day, when their puppet President Obama signed HR 658 into law and thereby authorized the release of up to 30,000 drones into American air space and enabled the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Wide Area Aerial Surveillance System (WAASS) - a "1984 Meets Terminator" Big Brother Skynet domestic surveillance nightmare that we could not end:

So with the real world firmly under their control, our corporate fascist masters now look to dominate the virtual.  And in eager pursuit of that aim, the otherwise seemingly gridlocked Democrats and Republicans in our House and Senate have been showering each other with wave after wave of bipartisan support for so-called "anti-piracy", "anti-pornography", "cyber crime", "cyber intelligence" and "cyber security" bills which taken together put us on a global fast-track to "cyber fascism".  In our previous advisories we warned you about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA), Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act (PCIPA), and the recently-unveiled Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S 2105).  To that laundry list of Orwellian euphemisms and acronyms - some of which have been delayed, but NONE of which are dead - we now add five more bills you'd be wise to track:

H.R. 2096: Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2011

H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011

H.R. 3674: PRECISE Act of 2011

S. 1152: Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2011

S. 2111: Cyber Crime Protection Security Act

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Tags:Sopa, Pipa, PCIP, Pcipa, Precise, H.r. 2096, H.r. 3523, H.r. 3674, S. 1152, S 2105, S. 2111, Cyber Crime, Cybercrime
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