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Download Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance from our portal and watch this action packed thriller to grasp how Ghost Rider stops the devil from taking the body of boy and saves his life.
Ghost Rider 2
Ghost Rider 2
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Feb. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- At a time when Marvel were a little more reckless with their cinematic comic book properties (and more than a little high on the smell of torn-up X-Men and Spider-Man ticket stubs) they released a slew of lesser-known superhero adventures.

While Fantastic Four's family-friendliness floundered and Elektra was nigh-on excruciating, Ghost Rider was the most curious - and frustrating - of all. Nicolas Cage's bizarre performance and a story (probably fittingly) devoid of soul left audiences empty.

So when news came through that Marvel were bringing old flame-head back for another 'not-a-reboot-but-not-quite-a-sequel' spin, and at the hands of Crank's bonkers directors/lunatics, fanboy interest piqued.

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By politely sidestepping almost everything that happened in the original, Johnny Blaze's origin story is swiftly dealt with (foolish stunt rider sells soul to devil to save father, turns into fiery-headed, motorcycle-trundling badass angel of vengeance). Before long, Blaze finds himself wrapped up a mission to save a young boy and his mother on the run from a Satanic cult and their demonic messengers.

And while Blaze is reluctant to help at first, he soon discovers that the very key to rid himself of his curse forever could conveniently lie within the same boy he's sworn to protect.

You'd think that the marriage of one of Hollywood's kookiest, weirdest superheroes with Tinseltown's edgiest directors and loopiest leading man would be a match made in heaven.

And while the finished product is an undeniably surreal trip to crazytown, the result is - perhaps fittingly - cinematic hellspawn at its most diabolically demonic.

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's ADHD-riddled directorial stylings are all well and good when there's nothing but wonderfully stupid OTT stunts to fill a film with (Exhibit A: Crank, Exhibit B: Crank 2).

Tasked with balancing character, plot, pacing and - that unholiest of modern inventions - 3D, and the result is an original oxymoron of a movie; an unholy mess that's both relentlessly chaotic and mind-numbingly boring.

Yet while you can blame the whiplash-inducing camerawork, dull action scenes and bizarre characterisation on the directors, a certain level of responsibility lies with Nicholas Cage who's back on prime 'so bad it's really, really bad' form here.

Whether he's rattling off a megalomaniacal cackle to camera, or engaging his best crazy gurn-face, his Blaze is a man more tittersome than tragic.

Admittedly, he's not entirely helped by manning the cape/biker jacket of a superhero with the most unenviable power set going. Who needs flight when the Ghost Rider can murder people by…. erm…. staring at them very hard. For quite a while.Super intently.

But then that's the Ghost Rider as a whole - a cool visual effect first and a plot and character second.

And while the character and vehicle design - and the on-screen FX used to bring them to life - are undeniably gorgeous, that's never going to be enough to save the Ghost Rider from his biggest enemy of all - himself.
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