Lauren Elaine Swim’s Vegas Appearance Cancelled

Fashion Week Las Vegas’ sudden cancellation upsets Designer
Feb. 10, 2012 - PRLog -- It is with great disappointment and shock that we are forced to announce the cancellation of Lauren Elaine Swim at Fashion Week Las Vegas, and all trade events surrounding Fashion Week Las Vegas for February 2012- as a result of the untimely and unprofessional cancellation of Fashion Week Las Vegas (FWLV.)

Approached by the FWLV producers in December 2011, Designer Lauren Elaine accepted a fully sponsored invitation to show at the first annual FWLV- with a show slated for February 14th 2012.  Just before midnight on Wednesday, February 8th, after two months of planning and preparations by Elaine and her team to debut a new swimwear collection at FWLV, Elaine and her team received a brief email addressing the cancellation of FWLV, and all events surrounding FWLV, by event producer Milka Von Rhedey.  Reasons for the sudden cancellation remain vague, but Rhedley sites a fall out with the venue as the main source of cancellation.

“This sudden cancellation is extremely upsetting,” says Elaine. “The producers of FWLV have failed to realize all of the time, preparation, pr, and money that has gone into prepping for the event by all of the designers involved, and especially during one of the most demanding times in the fashion calendar year.  It leaves us little room to make new plans for our presence in Vegas during the Magic/Project tradeshows. More upsetting is the lack of concern and professionalism as demonstrated by the FWLV organizers.  They seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to cancel an event 3 days before it begins- when in reality, I suspect they knew of the problems leading up to the cancellation well in advance. They have shown little respect for contracts, both written and verbal, and have failed to be honest when problems first arose with the venue and event as whole.”

Originally, the 4-day inaugural event was to take place at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  On February 2nd, FWLV announced a change of venue to Fashion Show Las Vegas.  While the actual situation remains a mystery, it has been suggested that no contract with Fashion Show Las Vegas ever existed, and an agreement to use Fashion Show Las Vegas as a location for FWLV by the FWLV producers was not reached in time.  The Lauren Elaine team does not blame or cite Fashion Show Las Vegas for any of the problems, but rather the organizers of FWLV for failing to disclose the truth about the pending venue change in early February.  “Had we known the truth,” says Elaine, “we would have backed out of FWLV in early February and not wasted any more of our time.”

Designer Lauren Elaine is no stranger to fashion week events and involvement in fashion events worldwide.  Most recently, the Lauren Elaine brand traveled to Vancouver, Canada where Elaine was as a sponsored designer for Vancouver Fashion Week.  In 2010, Elaine became the first designer to present a couture runway show at sea- working with Crystal Cruises to present to runway shows in the Mediterranean.  The Lauren Elaine brand has also been a strong presence at LA Fashion Week since October 2009.

“I’m sharing my disappointment with FWLV and the organizers of FWLV in hopes of sparing other designers and sponsors the same disappointment in the future.  I know that the FWLV organizers plan on moving the FWLV event to August 2012.  From someone who has produced fashion shows and fashion week events in the past, I understand the stress and demands of event production.  However, I seriously hope FWLV thinks about the brevity of the situation they have caused, and I hope another FWLV event is not considered until they are ready to produce and operate a legitimate, professional fashion week event.”

For further inquiries regarding Lauren Elaine and Fashion Week Las Vegas, please contact pr (at) Lauren-ElaineDesigns (dot) com.
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