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Corr-Jensen is a unique find in the nutrition industry today. Standing out from the competition and changing the way nutritional products are marketed and distributed today are just the beginning for Corr-Jensen and CEO, Matt Hesse.
By: Karlee Stagner
Feb. 10, 2012 - PRLog -- Corr-Jensen: “being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before.”

Corr-Jensen, a health and lifestyle company, was founded by Matt Hesse in 2008. Matt’s experience as an athlete, a soldier, and an owner of multiple nutrition retail outlets helped him develop a key set of core values; core values that he used in the creation of Corr-Jensen.

Matt ‘s core values are incorporated into each and every Corr-Jensen product, procedure, and partnership. The core values include inspiration, purity, education, and research. They strive to inspire others to live healthy, fulfilled lives; they only use the most pure ingredients to ensure the safety of all products. They believe in educating consumers on ingredients, results, and necessary lifestyle changes; and they utilize research during all phases of product development and post-consumption to ensure the best possible practices.

While practicing and perfecting the core values, Corr-Jensen and Matt Hesse have experienced great success since inception and expanded the brand portfolio. Corr-Jensen is now comprised of 4 unique brands that each cater to a different consumer segment, looking for unique benefits from their health supplements.  

Corr-Jensen introduced the Revolution Lifestyle brand in 2007 because it was time for a revolutionary change – both in how nutritional supplements were made and marketed, and in how they would help people lead healthier, trimmer, more active lives.

What’s the Revolution difference? Revolution products are made with the greatest purity, potency, quality, and research. The products aim to deliver revolutionary results; they are committed to safety not sensationalism. The solutions are simple- they offer AbCuts to reduce belly fat for core fitness and a healthier heart, Thermogenics for increased energy and potentially significant weight loss, and Dreamweaver for more satisfying and productive sleep.

“In short, we are here to help you become the best version of you. Our role is to inspire and support you on your journey of change to a new, more dynamic lifestyle… to help you take control of your life today for a healthier and more active tomorrow,” Matt Hesse, CEO and Founder.

Corr-Jensen’s solution to athletes at every level was Training Day, which debuted December 2008. Training Day was developed upon the realization that while nutrition products are numerous, there are no products designed specifically for athletes. Most nutrition products available today are designed for bodybuilders; however, the needs of a bodybuilder are far different from the needs of an athlete.
Matt's passion for safe supplementation and research driven results lead to the creation of each product. Each Training Day product carries the prestigious NSF logo, which ensures athletes that every batch of Training Day is tested for safety and label accuracy.  

All Training Day products were developed specifically for athletes in the pursuit of improved performance. Whether a highly skilled athlete or a common athlete, Training Day will assist in competition and training.

Corr-Jensen’s third brand installment was the nationally recognized brand, Skinnygirl Daily, launched in January 2011. Matt Hesse, Corr-Jensen CEO, and Bethenny Frankel, natural food chef, tv personality, and New York Time Best Selling Author, put their heads together to create the one-of-a-kind natural supplement line. Bethenny’s love of natural foods and a healthy body along with Matt’s passion for safe supplementation were the inspiration behind the Skinnygirl Daily products.

Skinnygirl Daily is the answer to many daily challenges people face. Challenges such as: removing environmental toxins from the body, having the energy to keep up with the day-to-day demands, and how to indulge without overindulging. Skinnygirl Daily answered all these daily challenges with products that include: Cleanse & Restore, a gently & gradual cleanse that removes toxins and replaces essential nutrients without drastic measures and without leaving your body drained; Weight Management & Energy to maintain a healthy body weight & boost energy levels naturally; On-the-Go Bars 200-calorie indulgence that you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying; and soon to come, Multi-Vitamin Power Packets!

Skinnygirl Daily was produced with “your” lifestyle in mind. Bethenny Frankel and Matt Hesse have made it easy to incorporate these high quality, natural products into your every day life, so that you can obtain an overall healthier lifestyle.

Corr-Jensen’s most recent brand launch was that of a not-for-profit organization partnered with D1 Training Facilities, TD1 Athlete Challenge, launched this February 2012.  TD1 Athlete Challenge focuses on providing high school athletes with the resources they need to reach their athletic potential, while combining the disciplines of safe supplementation, steroid abuse education, and providing positive avenues personal growth and development. Matt’s primary goal with this was to address the common dilemma many high school athletes face on safe supplementation and steroid abuse, while all proceeds go into a college scholarship program for high school athletes.

Corr-Jensen has worked to change the persona of the nutritional supplement industry through each brand. Their efforts to manufacture stimulant-free products, containing naturally occurring ingredients versus synthetic substitutes, works to reduce the skepticism and paranoia that surround nutrition products. They pride themselves on creating lifestyle products that aid others in achieving an overall healthier, more fulfilling life.

Corr-Jensen has also worked to change status quos throughout the industry, such as disclosing supplement facts and proprietary blends. The belief in their products and the ingredients encourages the education of customers so they are knowledgeable and comfortable.

Corr-Jensen’s honest, straightforward marketing on each and every product is a rarity in the industry.  Matt believes that miracle pills and empty promises of overnight results should no longer be the norm in the industry, but the exception. He leads Corr-Jensen by example, proving that honest, realistic marketing endeavors produce more satisfying results for the customer, company, and industry as a whole.

Corr-Jensen has continued to grow year to year and 2012 will likely be full of new milestones and achievement. Corr-Jensen will continue to improve and revolutionize their company as well as the nutrition industry.

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