Demand for Online Survey Members Rises as Companies Compete for a Stronghold in the Marketplace

Large companies need more members to take online surveys in order to understand the rapidly changing market trends.
Feb. 3, 2012 - PRLog -- Senior management and marketing experts are desperate for the UK public to help with their marketing plans by taking online surveys.

With the technology, electronics, restaurant and retail industries all battling against each other with competition never seen before, thanks to the prevalence of online shops and mobile marketing, there is a need for those companies to get their product placement and advertising campaigns just right. Online surveys help big businesses understand consumer trends and can change, tweak or push their products according to what the market wants.

The problem that has been found is that there are often more surveys than there people taking them. An spokesperson, James Grieves, said: “We've seen surveys from the companies we work with come through much faster than our current users can handle, and we are always looking to find new users to take questionnaires and surveys. They often only take under 30 minutes to complete and there are rewards of cash, vouchers, free products and prizes.

“With the current unemployment rate hitting an all-time high since the early 1990s, it's surprising that there are people out of work or want an extra income, but don't know that they can be paid for taking online surveys!”

The UK's unemployment rate has reached 2.69 million, and as the majority of those are aged 18-24, they are all eligible to take part in the surveys. The economic downturn is affecting many Britons, and jobs are scarce or job security is put into question, so people are looking for new ways of earning extra money to get by. It may not be a scheme to ‘get rich quick’ or ‘make money fast’, but it’s still possible to earn £100s per month simply from giving your opinion.

Surveys and questionnaires have long-since been used for companies to understand what the market wants, as it's been around since the 1930s. By the 1970s, customer questionnaires account for around 20% of the data used for companies to create new products or relaunch enhanced ones, and now with the Internet, online surveys are so powerful for businesses to use to their advantage. Those big companies pay huge amounts of money for the data and it's why it's easy for members of online survey sites to make a good income from offering their opinion.

It's not just businesses that make the most of the data collected, but it's important for Governments too. The Isle of Man's Department of Economic Development recently launched a survey to its inhabitants asking whether they are for or against the inclusion of a Manx Grand Prix on the island, and without the knowledge they cannot make such a big decision that would affect the lives of everyone that lives there.

Compared to telephone or face-to-face interviews, online surveys have any interviewer bias removed. The questionnaires are specifically-designed to remove any bias and that way the information gathered is more useful. For members of survey sites, they can earn £100s per month extra as a side-income, with no skills or experience necessary.

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