USA Wrestling energizes branding with Adrenalin

USA Wrestling takes it branding to the mat with a new campaign directed by Denver's Adrenalin, the Brand Expansion Team.
Jan. 27, 2012 - PRLog -- COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - To further distinguish itself as the nation’s premier resource in amateur wrestling, USA Wrestling, has energized its branding efforts by contracting Adrenalin, the Brand Expansion Team™, to assist in developing a new series of electronic marketing materials that USA Wrestling will use to promote the sport across the United States.

As the National Governing Body for wrestling, and the sport’s representative to the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Wrestling has more than 180,000 members across the country. Although its name recognition is powerful, USA Wrestling is continually looking for ways to grow the sport and convey the benefits of joining USA Wrestling to more amateur wrestlers and their families.

Working with Adrenalin, USA Wrestling created a series of club booklets that it will distribute nationally to wrestling clubs to promote the advantages of membership and recruit first-year wrestlers. In addition, USA Wrestling and Adrenalin came up with a poster series, which will also be distributed nationally, that vividly depicts the inspirational values and core beliefs of USA Wrestling.

“Amateur wrestling is a hyper-competitive arena from a business standpoint, and USA Wrestling realizes they need to be aggressive to maintain their brand’s position as the nation’s wrestling hub,” said Adrenalin Principal Dan Price. “Wrestling is all about speed, strength and leverage, and it only makes sense that in promoting their brand, USA Wrestling use all those same traits in their business strategy.”
“This campaign is meant to assist our grassroots coaches. They asked for help in recruiting new wrestlers, and we answered.  I’m proud to be able to support these coaches who are rolling out the mats, working after practice with first-year athletes, and taking kids to tournaments on the weekends. They are the backbone of our sport and deserve everything USA Wrestling can provide in support,” said Les Gutches, USA Wrestling Director of Program Development.

NOTE: The wrestling community and the general public can download many of these impressive marketing materials free of charge, including brochures and posters designed by Adrenalin. They can be accessed at the following link:

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