Top Income Earner Rhonda Swan Attends LifePath Unlimited's Synergy Event in Dallas

Top income earner Rhonda Swan flies to Dallas-Fort Worth to speak and train at LifePath Unlimited’s three-day Synergy event.
Jan. 20, 2012 - PRLog -- Rhonda Swan of the Unstoppable Family, a top income earner with LifePath Unlimited, has flown to Dallas Fort-Worth to make an appearance at the company’s marketing training event, Synergy VIII.

The event is being held at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas over three days from January 20th-January 22nd.

Attendees receive hands-on instruction from LifePath Unlimited’s peak performers and have the chance to network with successful entrepreneurs, international trainers and special guest speakers. This financially explosive opportunity is jam-packed with motivation, inspiration and step-by-step marketing sales training to help take their business to the next level.

Rhonda will be training and speaking about the power of decision and following through on what you set out to achieve. There will be an auditorium of business owners and like-minded thought leaders coming together to share best practices and ways to accelerate their goals in 2012.  

In addition to the training events, each ticket to the conference includes accommodation for Friday and Saturday night, an invitation to the Friday evening welcome reception, breakfast, lunch, snacks and a Texas-style dinner party on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on the Sunday.

Tired of the corporate rat race, Rhonda and her husband Brian Swan ditched their successful jobs in San Diego to live the lifestyle of their dreams. Whilst they had multiple homes and plenty of material possessions, they felt empty and hollow on the inside, only seeing each other on their way to and from work.

Vowing never to put her child through daycare, Rhonda found an online business in personal development and quit her job three months later. She retired her husband the following year. The Swans became successful entrepreneurs, showing people how to change their lives and live their dreams too.

However, like many successful entrepreneurs, the Swans have had to overcome obstacles. When they lost all their money in a terrible real estate fraud, the Swans faced a decision- stay at home and rebuild their lives, or let go of their material possessions and pursue their dream of traveling the world. Personal development assisted them in building back their confidence and fortune, and ultimately embarking on their Endless Summer Journey around the world. In 2008 they decided to travel the world with their daughter, and so far their journey has taken them to countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Panama and many more.

Rhonda and Brian have extensive experience in the personal development industry and are among LifePath Unlimited’s peak performers. The Unstoppable Family are currently available to speak at events and share their story with others through the power of public speaking.

About the Unstoppable Family

Rhonda, Brian and Hanalei Swan, who together make up the Unstoppable Family, have been travelling the world for the last 3+ years on an Endless Summer Journey. With a passion for surfing, they have travelled far and wide to places such as Hawaii, Fiji, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, Bali and Nicaragua in search of the best waves. They spent Christmas and New Year in Bocas Del Toro in Panama, and their next stop will be Mexico.

Fed up of the corporate rat race, Rhonda and Brian quit their corporate jobs in San Diego because they felt 'emotionally hollow' and didn't want to put their child through daycare. They set up a portable business with LifePath Unlimited and now live a luxury traveling lifestyle on their own terms. They swapped their business suits for their bathing suits to work from anywhere in the world.

Through their blog, and their Facebook Page, they spend their time showing others that they can live their dreams.

About LifePath Unlimited

Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie founded LifePath Unlimited in 2006 with a mission to help people change their lives for the better. Through personal development products and live events, LifePath is helping people to realize their dreams and reach higher levels of happiness and well-being.

LifePath Unlimited provides audio and video materials, online resources, motivational speakers and exciting events to assist people in unlocking their true potential.

This extraordinary home-based business opportunity provides the tools, products and training necessary to achieve entrepreneurial success. Countless individuals in their community prosper professionally and financially and have the flexibility to live a lifestyle by design. Many of them are traveling the world and living life to the fullest.

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