Move Over Tony Robbins. Boris Badinov's Son Is Taking Over!

New Satiric Audio by Fred Frees, Son of Famous Voice Artist Paul Frees, Now Available for Download at iTunes, and
Jan. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- Motivational speaking on personal growth and success has never been... well... so... surprising, thanks to Fred Frees, whose father Paul was the voice of the villain in the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoons, the ghost-host at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, and the Little Green Sprout in the Green Giant TV commercials. The younger Frees has a new 30-minute motivational audio available for download called “Building Success Thru Living.”

But before you start to snooze at the thought of yet another motivational program, it is important to note that Frees and his partner, publisher Ben Ohmart, are lifelong fans of Monty Python, Firesign Theatre and National Lampoon—which should provide a clue as to just what type of motivational program they have really created.

The program, whose official title is “Building Success Thru Living: Exploring the Inner You Thru Shouts and Loud Noises,” is available from iTunes, and, at 0.99¢ per cut or from $3.96 for the entire album. Clips can be played online.

“April Fool’s Day is coming up, and I can’t think of a better gift for that former idiot boss of yours who forced you take 20 boring seminars so that you could become a model employee!” says author and journalist Joel Samberg, who has had several popular magazine humor columns. “You can tell your idiot boss it’s the best damn motivational presentation you ever heard in your life—and then make sure he listens when you’re out of sight. Talk about sweet revenge!”

In addition to dozens of other pieces of advice, “Building Success Thru Living” tells listeners that “Peace is on sale, two for a dollar,” discusses inspirational doors that “open up into a garden of oranges,” reminds you that you’re in control only of your own environment, which “in other words means that you will never play James Bond,” and warns that “we think of others before ourselves, and we think of ourselves only before 3:00 p.m.”

Motivationally crazy stuff, indeed—and perfect for 2012 satirical sensibilities. The program can be played at meetings as an ice-breaker, shared with like-minded cynics, given as gifts, dispensed as an audio narcotic, or used for dozens of other purposes.

About Fred & Ben

Fred Frees is a voiceover veteran who has worked for the Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive and many top advertising agencies. He is also the official voice of the Progressive Science Institute in Berkeley, CA, records audiobooks for one of the top producers in the field, and is involved in several other entertainment and commercial projects.

Ben Ohmart is the founder and owner of BearManor Media, a noted publisher of show business anthologies and biographies whose list currently includes hundreds of well-regarded books such as “Perfect Fool: The Life & Career of Ed Wynn” and “”Raised Eyebrows: My Life Inside Groucho’s House.”  A writer himself, Ohmart recently founded BearManor Music. “Building Success Thru Living” is one of its first productions.  

For more information on “Building Success Thru Living: Exploring the Inner You Thru Shouts and Loud Noises” or on Fred Frees or Ben Ohmart, please contact

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