Cartel Music Group Expands & Prepares For New Division and Southeast Invasion

Cartel Music Group has expanded by adding three new operating offices through out the Southeast, as well as a newly organized Management Division. CMG enters 2012 with the organziational structure for a future monopoly.
Cartel Music Group
Cartel Music Group
Jan. 17, 2012 - PRLog -- Recording Label, Marketing Team, Multi-Media Enterprise and Management Company all within the doors of the Cartel Music Group (CMG), definitely the blueprint to becoming an empire in the entertainment industry.  Under the leadership of Dee Ukon, CMG has entered 2012 with plans of expansion already executed as they continue to lay the foundation for a long and respected stay.

While many were resting and cherishing time used to fellowship with friends and family members during the holiday season, CMG was finalizing their move and establishing three new offices throughout the Southeastern region.  Along with relocating their office headquarters from New York to Atlanta, Georgia,   CMG also secured two additional operating locations in Eastern North Carolina.  Of all the possible locations, Ukon stated that Atlanta, GA and Eastern NC were the best locations because “Atlanta has become a major outlet for great artists and by establishing a new foundation here; it enables us to move forward in a growing network.  The ENC move was simple, it’s the perfect situation for us not only because it is the center of the east coast, but because every artist from the Carolinas that has linked up with a record label offering major distribution and international marketing and support has brought home plaques and became a household name, the talent is everywhere. I'm just excited about discovering the next big name from the area and giving them the opportunity they have been searching for”

Along with the relocation and new offices, Ukon has also decided to lead CMG into an internally expansion by joining forces with Apodaca Photography, The Cartel Movement  and Daldego Marketing to introduce their very own management division.  It is believed by all involved that this expansion will allow more opportunities to be made available to those that are involved, as well as being able to offer the necessary resources to properly develop an artist and his/her brand to ensure a long-term career within the entertainment industry.    According to Ukon the reason for the delay in actually starting the management division is that that he wanted to ensure that CMG, as a record label, had a strong and established foundation.  “Now that we have a dedicated team, I am confident that we will be able to better guide and manage artist that come our way, whether they are attached to the CMG label side of things or not. I want to be able to provide the necessary development and blueprint to these artists careers without having to sign each of them to the label before they are truly ready for that type of situation, as well as give us an opportunity to work hands on with the careers of established artists who may already have current label ties” stated Ukon.

Three new offices and a new management division all taking place within the first month of the new year, it is fair to say that everyone should be on the lookout for the Cartel Music Group, because they are definitely here for a reason.

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