Focus on Mexico in the Top 10 for Decisions on Moving to Mexico

Focus on Mexico announces some exciting enterprises including new Facebook page, upcoming TV series, book interview, retirement series on MPG Radio Network. International Living has chosen Mexico as the # 1 location to retire many times.
Jan. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- Lake Chapala, and Ajijic, Mexico, are on the radar for the baby boomer generation who are nearing retirement, and Focus on Mexico presents a unique and exciting program offering the opportunity to investigate an alternative location that has fondly become known as 'One of the Last Best Places on Earth'

Kathleen Peddicord, author and founder of the Live and Invest Overseas publishing group, says, “Ajijic is home to the biggest and most established expatriate community in the world. You could retire here comfortably without learning Spanish and you could spend most of your time, if you choose, among fellow foreign retirees. Ajijic residents enjoy the comforts and conveniences of back home while living at a reduced cost and with great weather.”

10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring daily, and based on the number of emails we’re getting, quite a lot of them are headed south in our direction. Focus wants to give you all the information you need to live in Mexico comfortably and on your own terms.

To help facilitate that, Focus on Mexico has joined the ever-growing Facebook community with a wealth of information about Mexico and living in Lake Chapala. We invite you to go to our Focus on Mexico Business Page, LIKE US and submit a name for The Facebook challenge: “Name the Focus on Mexico Business Page” contest. Great prizes! Click on the Contest link on the left.

We are also pleased to announce the following exciting enterprises that Focus on Mexico is involved in this year:

•   Upcoming TV Series: Affordable Places for Americans to Retire to on Social Security and with Good Health Care and Lake Chapala will be the first in the series. Marie and Ray Bullock of Focus on Mexico were interviewed on their terrace for over an hour.
•   Upcoming book Seven Pearls of Wisdom, by Carmella Webster (writer for Forbes) and Carol Pepper (Financial Advisor for women). Book is about 'American Women retiring abroad in order to enhance their lifestyle, because of lower costs of living. Lake Chapala is one of the featured destinations and Marie Dwyer Bullock of Focus on Mexico was interviewed for an hour.
•   The MPG Radio Network, out of Buffalo New York, is currently doing a Retirement series for Best Destinations to Retire, and Lake Chapala is top of the list and Marie Dwyer Bullock is being interviewed and the interview will air in Dec 2011 and Jan 2012. The MPG Radio Network reaches 52 stations from Seattle to Long Island NY, including 10 Canadian stations
•   Veterans Today chose Lake Chapala as THE # 1 location in Mexico to retire
•   International Living has chosen Mexico as the # 1 location to retire many times running

The reason that Lake Chapala is such a popular retirement location is it has all the right checkmarks:

The Top 10 Reasons Lake Chapala is THE Place to Retire for 2012 and Beyond

1.   Near-perfect  weather – little or no humidity, average temperature 78o  F (25.5 C) – year ‘round.
2.   A safe and secure environment.
3.   Accessibility - international airport 30 minutes away, making travel easy.
4.   Established  infrastructure. Many of the conveniences you are used to are available in Chapala and everything you want, in Guadalajara (2nd largest city) a scant 50 minute drive.
5.   Excellent communications: phone, high-speed internet, satellite TV, news and information from home
6.   High quality health care, and pharmacies, with many bilingual professionals  trained in the US or Canada.
7.   Lower cost of living – estimated to be at least 30% lower.
8.   English spoken – you can get by without Spanish, although it is fun to learn at least a little.
9.   Stunning beauty, rich culture and history, breathtaking sunsets over the lake, and majestic mountain views.
10.   Beautiful and unique homes – still offering great value (you get a lot for your  money).

If you are ready for a whole new lease on life, we invite you to experience our little pocket of paradise in Lake Chapala Mexico. Join us on an 8-Day Educational Focus on Mexico program for a life changing experience.

You can check us out at for itinerary, dates, costs…our web site has everything you want to know about Focus on Mexico…the group that tells you everything you need to know about living in Mexico on your own terms. What you will discover will change your life…forever!

Interview Contact: Marie Dwyer-Bullock
Vonage Phone: From U.S. 210-745-1404
Vonage Phone: From Canada 416-619-9310 or 403-770-1878
House Phone - In Mexico: (376) 766 3987
Cell Phone - In Mexico 331-319-0118

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Focus On Mexico offers 8-Day Educational Programs to Ajijic and Lake Chapala, Mexico (2nd Best Climate in the World). Join us on a Focus program and learn why thousands of Americans and Canadians chose to retire in Lake Chapala.

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