NuVerus Weight Management System

NuVerus Weight Management SystemAt NuVerus, we have rediscovered the wisdom of the ancients and combined it with modern science in order to unlock a state-of-the-art Weight Management System.
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Jan. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- The NuVerus Weight Management System

At NuVerus, we have rediscovered the wisdom of the ancients and combined it with modern science in order to unlock a state-of-the-art Weight Management System. The NuVerus Weight Management System utilizes Black Seed and Curcumin in a total approach to losing weight, and then maintaining the weight you desire.

Doctor Developed Weight Management from the NuVerus Medical Advisory Board

Most diets today only focus on reducing your caloric intake with shakes, empty meals, carb starving, fasting and meal skipping. Many people who lose weight, cannot maintain their diet program, and thus gain the weight back. It is easy to understand how this can happen. These diets cannot be implemented into a permanent lifestyle
You need Lifestyle Changes . . . not Short Term Yo-Yo Diets

The NuVerus Weight Management System gives you two simple lifestyle changes that you can maintain long after you experience the initial weight loss: 1) Delicious Water & 2) a Morning Shot of Protein and Fiber

Finally a Permanent Weight Management solution!

It starts with water. Let's face it, we all know we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. But water does not have a satisfying taste. Thus we reach for unhealthy diet beverages, or even high calorie beverages. NuVerus Trim is the solution. When you add NuVerus Trim to your daily water intake, you will love the flavor, and you will drink more water. Trim tastes so good, you will want to use it long term. The result is a lifestyle change that is permanent!

The next scientific breakthrough comes from advances in liquid protein and liquid fiber.

We have obviously heard about the importance of protein and dieting. Protein shakes and protein powders are everywhere. The Chemists and Doctors at NuVerus have discovered a new and more effective natural protein that comes in pure liquid form. It is called NuVerus Lean. Lean delivers pure natural protein without added carbs, lactose, fat, fillers, or preservatives.

Fiber combined with Protein is the real secret to weight Loss

Adding fiber to your diet has many health benefits. It adds bulk to your digestive system, supporting more effective and faster digestive elimination times. Better digestion and elimination leads to a more effective weight loss program. When you feel full from fiber you will want to eat less . . . which leads to natural weight loss. NuVerus Pure is pure liquid natural fiber in a soluble form.

When you combine Lean with Pure in eight ounces of water, you have the perfect weight loss meal! You get the protein nutrition you need, and you get a full feeling from fiber.

You only need to drink Lean with Pure once a day in the morning to start losing weight and to keep weight off for good!

The Health Benefits may be the best part of the Weight Management System . . . NuVerus SuperFoods!

Black Seed has remarkable healing and health properties that make it one of the most powerful SuperFoods known to man. NuVerus is the first company to bring the benefits of Black Seed to an effective weight management system. In additional to its vast immune system benefits, Black Seed has a unique ability to enhance weight loss and weight management. This powerful SuperFood will help increase body tone, stimulate metabolism, and promote healthy digestion, all of which will assist you in losing weight and maintaining the weight you desire. Curcumin was found in studies to prevent the maturation of fat cells as well as reduce the inflammation associated with the development of obesity. Cayenne Pepper has been show to curb appetite, and Green Tea helps give you more energy. Adding Black Seed and other powerful SuperFoods is unique to the NuVerus Weight Management System. This unique and powerful approach to health and weight loss will allow you to achieve the results you are looking for!

The NuVerus Weight Management System is the permanent solution to a healthy and trim lifestyle!

NuVerus Trim

NuVerus Trim utilizes a new formulation of SuperFoods to create a new approach to water. Trim water enhancement creates a delicious and refreshing twist to your daily water intake!What's in Trim:

Black Seed
Black Currant
Panax Ginseng
Green Tea
Nettle Extract
Super Citramax
0 Calories per 8 fluid ounce of water with Trim
0g Carbohydrates and zero Sugar Impact
Sugar-free - Trim is sweetened with sucralose, a calorie-free, artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar.
SuperFoods for Super Results - Black Seed with additional powerful SuperFoods.
These SuperFoods will assist in appetite suppression, energy, and an overall boost to your weight management program. Trim is the first water enhancement product to contain these beneficial SuperFoods.

More Water = More Weight Loss
Water is essential to everyone; unfortunately very few of us drink enough of it. Lack of water in the diet can add to weight management problems. Compounding the problem is our over consumption of high calorie or empty calorie beverages. The average individual drinks about 450 calories daily. When you add Trim to your water, with a natural sweetener, you get a delicious and refreshing, no carbs, no calorie beverage. Using Trim to naturally flavor your
water is a smart healthy choice.

It is Simple
Trim is simple to use, just add a few drops to your water for a delicious, refreshing, health benefiting beverage. For maximum weight loss results, drink 6-8 glasses per day of clean water with Trim.

NuVerus Lean

Proteins are amazing molecules. They spark the chemical reactions that form the basis for life, transmit signals in the body, identify and kill foreign invaders, and form the engines that make us move. For every task in a living organism, there is a protein designed to carry it out. 75% of your body solid part is protein. Protein is not just for muscle development and increased strength. Protein also affects your skin, hair, nails, organs, hormones, bones and a lot more. Protein keeps your immune system functioning properly and helps your body produce enzymes.

NuVerus Lean solves the problem. NuVerus Lean is pure protein in pure liquid form. Lean is a complete protein containing 15 grams of protein, with both essential and nonessential amino acids. NuVerus Lean goes with you wherever you go. Lean also provides beneficial Black Seed and Curcumin as well as added vitamins and minerals.

Mix a half bottle of Lean with a half bottle of Pure in 8 ounces of pure water.


15 grams of Proprietary Protein Blend in every bottle.
A Complete Source of Protein containing Amino Acids (Essential & Nonessential).
An Easy to Digest Protein Source.
No Carbs, lactose, or fat.
Black Seed and Curcumin . . . SuperFoods to make your diet work better.
Additional Vitamins and Minerals for added Nutrition.

NuVerus Pure

Adding fiber to your diet has many health benefits. It adds bulk to your digestive system, supporting more effective and faster digestive elimination times. Better digestion and elimination leads to a more effective weight loss program. NuVerus uses Soluble fiber. Soluble Fiber has the benefit of promoting more effective elimination, and is also absorbed by the body to provide additional health benefits including assisting the body to maintain healthy glucose, serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

NuVerus uses Larch Arabinogalactan in Pure. Larch is a unique soluble fiber that has numerous benefits. Larch is actively fermented in the lower digestive tract. It is this fermentation process that enables Larch to increase the amount of beneficial anaerobes, and short-chain fatty acids, as well as increasing Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria have been shown in many studies to provide health benefits. These probiotics can improve digestion, stimulate better elimination, suppress unhealthy bacteria, and stimulate the immune system all of which leads to more effective weight loss and a healthier body.

# # #

New Beginnings, Unlimited Possibilities
Imagine a company that combines ancient wisdom with modern science, and promotes health, prosperity and financial freedom to improve the overall well-being of others; a company whose very name means, "New life".

That company is NuVerus.

NuVerus is the brainchild of Michael Jareou and he wants to share his secrets of success and desire of a healthier future with YOU.

Our mission at NuVerus is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Through NuVerus’ groundbreaking products, we promote wellness throughout the world.

NuVerus isn't just helping people live healthier lives; it's also helping them build financial freedom. The Prosperity Plan is a unique platform with proven success that will enable people to have multiple streams of income.

We invite you to explore the NuVerus website and see what we’re all about.
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