Helpful tips on using the correct breathing techniques during running

Breathing through mouth or nose? Chest and stomach breathing? Helpful tips on using the correct breathing techniques during running
Jan. 2, 2012 - PRLog -- A proper breathing technique is vital to achieve better running results. Both beginners and runners should develop their own breathing rhythm in order to be able to exploit their full potential for running. To achieve, first of all, sportsmen should follow their intuitive breathing, which adapts to their own movement speed. My JogStyle tells you all that should be taken into account.

Beginners are often unsure about how to breathe during running. Firstly, it is important that we do not force ourselves to a certain breathing rhythm, because it can lead to a tension in the body. We have to breathe intuitively and automatically. It can happen that due to overly high running speed, we start puffing and panting. The basic rules for an easy running is the following: Everything is fine as far as we are able to talk during running. Thus it is sufficient to breathe through the nose. When we increase the running intensity, we switch automatically to breathing through the mouth, because in this way more oxygen passes into the lungs. Unfortunately, during winter due to cold weather this breathing method can cause the irritation of the throat and the bronchial tubes and there is an increasing risk of an infection. When we breathe through the nose the air will be sufficiently heated up before it reaches the lungs.

During running it is important to breathe out deeply and strongly. In this way no air remains in the lungs and we can breathe in again normally. Thus the lung volume is fully exhausted and the optimal amount of oxygen is provided for the body. For this breathing through the stomach and diaphragm is highly recommended, that can be trained also during the retirement phase. The lung volume cannot be fully exhausted during a shallow chest breathing, which results in a reduced performance capacity. Stitches in the side can be also a negative side effect of the wrong breathing technique. A maximum oxygen supply of the body can be granted by breathing deeply into the belly.  

In summary, it can be said: When possible, we should breathe through the nose. In order to reach the full performance capability, breathing through the stomach is highly advisable. It is most important that we breathe out deeply to exhaust the lung volume. Each person has to develop his or her own breathing rhythm and follow the signs shown by the body. In case one perceives stitches in the sides, breathlessness or dizziness, he or she should reduce the running speed or stop the training.

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