Dallas Real Estate Investor Launches New Investor Community Real Deal Real Estate Tour

Dallas Real Estate Investor, John Ferguson is scheduled to release on January 1, 2012 access to real deal real estate tour to the public and investing students. This is free and open to the public.
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John Albert Ferguson
John Albert Ferguson
Dec. 31, 2011 - PRLog -- Who hasn't heard of becoming a real estate millionaire. Or better yet how many times have we all thought that we could become successful real estate investors but failed due to the lack of knowledge or community support you can trust.

Those looking to enhance or begin Real Estate Investing as a career in the Dallas, TX and DFW Metroplex have now an opportunity to work with seasoned professionals walking them through live projects as they happen. One investment community is changing the rules when it comes to developing people in this trade.

John Albert Ferguson of Wealth Safari Inc., along with his deep and rich relationships with Real Estate Investors around the United States are bringing real deal and real opportunity for development to those really looking to become a real estate millionaire.

"Too long has the DFW area and the nation for that matter, been without real communities of successful real estate investors lending a hand to the next generation of those seeking true freedom." says John "We have the systems, we have the support, we have the resources and most of all We have the real deals..."

With the Real Deal Real Estate Tour a new and seasoned investor work together in the development of their knowledge and developing current strategies for today's ever changing real estate market. The Tours consist of John and his team walking students through live Fix and Flip real estate to conducting short sales on pre foreclosure investment opportunities held by investors in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Those that attend learn how the property was acquired to finding the money to complete the deals.

See more here: RealDealRealEstateTour

John has been instrumental in the creation and development of strong investor communities around the country. Sense 2002 John as assisted over 1000 people find real estate investment success through actual application of simple systems and strategies. He is currently commissioned to develop the Northern Texas area with successful real estate professionals. Providing Mentoring that shrinks the learning curve and maximizes ones profit potential. John Albert Ferguson will be taking on 50 new students or as john calls them "Apprentice Trainees" that will be personally mentored by him and his team through out this new year of 2012. The goal is to develop one to a point of being a highly paid and successful real estate investor in Dallas building the community together.

To work with John see here: WorkWithJohn

John Ferguson also offers a free 30 min. consultation, and is available for coaching and mentoring as needed throughout the month. John works with investors and students around the country and is willing to work with anyone with the desire and commitment for success. For those that qualify he partners on real estate deals.

For anyone looking to become a success in this area needs to consider working with John and his team. In today's market, Dallas Real Estate Investors need someone willing to go the extra mile when it comes to their future success. John and the Real Deal Real Estate Tour have accomplished this.

Learn More About John Here: JohnFerguson

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John Albert Ferguson is a Real estate investment authority specializing in pre foreclosure real estate, note buying and short sale acquisitions. John has created 100's of successful real estate investors throughout his mentoring and coaching. John has been asked to speak with Rentaus and is the principle founder of www.realdealrealestatetour.com. Also please visit our site at johnalbertferguson.com for more information and a free real estate training.


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