New Site Reviews Mexico’s Top Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgeons launches providing reviews of top weight loss surgeons in Mexico.
Dec. 29, 2011 - PRLog -- An Independent review site launches, giving individuals in U.S. and Canada a quick landscape of Mexican weight loss surgeons. reviews the top bariatric surgeons including Dr. Fernando Garica, Dr. Ariel Ortiz, Dr. Ramos-Kelly, Dr. Mario Almanza and 15 other surgeons. The site reviews bariatric surgeons in six different markets in Mexico, including Tijuana, Cancun, Monterrey, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta and Piedras Negras.

Review Methodology
Our reviewers looked at different criteria in ranking these surgeons. The following factors were all taken into account when reviewing the surgeons.
-Technical skills
-Surgery success rate
-Patient reviews
-Place where surgeries take place

Guide to Picking The Right Bariatric Surgeon (
We offer a quick and useful consumer guide on picking the right Mexico bariatric surgeon. An interesting fact with laparoscopic surgery is that younger surgeons may preform better than older surgeons. “Younger surgeons have better hand/eye coordination simply by virtue of video games. Surgeons over 40 have had to learn the hand/eye coordination that younger surgeons naturally possess due to the technology boom.”

The Growth For Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism is a growing industry, poised for growth. As healthcare costs continue to increase, many patients are seeing the benefits of traveling to Mexico for their procedures. One study by Patient Beyond Borders, found that patients can expect to pay one-third the cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico -- compared to costs they expect to pay in the U.S. “We are excited to see the potential of this rapidly growing industry” said the Manger of

Why Weight Loss Surgeons
The continued growth for bariatric surgeons is evident because of the increasing obesity and overweight issues surrounding today’s society. In the United States, one-third of adults are obese; another one-third are overweight. This trend is only increasing.

Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgeons
As more evidence mounts, surgeons are becoming aware the advantage weight-loss and metabolic has on type 2 diabetes. Surgeries like the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and the duodenal switch are giving surgeons the best possible chances at reversing and resolving type 2 diabetes.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Bariatric Surgeon
Here are three more important aspects to consider when reviewing bariatric surgeons:

1. It’s important to review a surgeon’s marketing habits. A surgeon may artificially boost their recognition in the public’s eye by pumping more money into advertising.

2. We advice patients look for surgeons who work in full-service hospitals, rather than surgery centers.

3. Surgical quality may decrease as the daily rate of surgeries increases.

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