Tenants File $10 Million Lawsuit Due to Bed Bugs and Other Apartment Problems

Tenants of Cordova Estates Apartments in Rancho Cordova in California filed a $10 million lawsuit against its owner. According to the lawsuit, the owner failed to provide tenants habitable environment.
By: Caroline Cooper
Dec. 29, 2011 - PRLog -- The tenants of the Cordova Estates Apartments in Rancho Cordova, California have had enough of bed bugs and other building problems. And so, this December, they filed a lawsuit against the apartments' owner. Meanwhile, to save any bed bug sufferer from the worse that the said blood-sucking pests can bring, BedBugSprayReviews suggested the use of Bed Bug Bully for immediate bed bug treatment.

According to the lawsuit, Juvenal Campos, the property owner, failed to maintain habitable apartments for the tenants. Hence, for all the damages that the sub-standard living conditions had brought, tenants are seeking $10 million.

However, in a prepared statement signed by 'the owners', disappointment about the lawsuit was expressed. Additionally, 'the owners' stated that actions about the issues in the said apartments are already being taken.

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“Bed bugs are common problems in apartments. However, their presence spurs more troubles than what many think. Take this million dollars lawsuit in California filed by tenants to their apartment owners because of bed bugs and other building problems.”

“Specifically, the lawsuit was filed against the Cordova Estates Apartments this December. It is for allegedly providing substandard living conditions. And so for the damages, the tenants are asking the owners to pay them up a total of 10 million dollars.”

“Meanwhile, the owners in a prepared statement expressed their disappointment over the lawsuit. As said by them, they are trying to address the issue in the said apartments. However, with 150 violations to face, a great deal of time will be needed to address all the problems. But with all the troubles they had already experienced, tenants may have no patience left to spare.”

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“A civil lawsuit alleging long-term substandard living conditions against the owner of the Cordova Estates apartments in Rancho Cordova is seeking $10 million in damages for 97 tenants.”

"It's horrific. It's disgusting. I can't describe it. I was without heat for three years," said tenant Jessica Munoz, the named plaintiff in the lawsuit.”

“The lawsuit, filed this month, alleges that the property owner, Juvenal Campos, did not fulfill his duty to maintain habitable apartments for tenants paying $525 to $725 per month in rent.”

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