National Ski Patrol makes branding move

The National Ski Patrol calls on Adrenalin, the Brand Expansion Team™, to help with branding to tie together all of the 600 patrols and 26,000-plus members.
New NSP Branding and Style Guide
New NSP Branding and Style Guide
Dec. 21, 2011 - PRLog -- LAKEWOOD, CO - In an effort to unify and advance the brand of the National Ski Patrol, this historic national service organization has turned to Adrenalin, the Brand Expansion Team™, for a new marketing platform that will serve as a standard for all of the 600-plus patrols and their 26,000-plus members.

The National Ski Patrol has been the gold standard in snow sports safety since 1938 and has grown to have patrols all across the U.S. With so many different members who all share the same goals, it is important for the National Ski Patrol to define their brand with a singular voice.

To that end, the National Ski Patrol trusted Adrenalin to create a new style guide that generates graphic standards that are simple for all the Patrols to follow and will make the brand even more recognizable than it already is.

“The National Ski Patrol is an iconic organization. With such a broad membership, it is important to keep the brand unified across the country, so no matter where people encounter the National Ski Patrol, they will understand it is one organization,” said Adrenalin Principal Dan Price. “That unification will help in all phases of their marketing and communications.”

"We are very pleased to have been able to work with Adrenalin, the Brand Expansion Team, in formulating a brand style guide for the National Ski Patrol," said NSP Executive Director Tim White. "Adrenalin helped NSP advance beyond the basics of a single logo for the organization, and drilled down ways to integrate the national logo into division logos, as well as selecting fonts that give NSP a classic, yet modern feel. The work that Adrenalin did for NSP has been very well received by all our members."

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