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Imagine sitting in a hospital emergency ward unable to swallow anything including your own saliva. Believing you were about to die… and that was only the beginning of the worst nightmare you could imagine. This wasn't a dream. This was real.
Finding Felicity Book Cover
Finding Felicity Book Cover
Dec. 19, 2011 - PRLog -- What makes this story incredible is that it was real.  Readers will never look at their lives the same way again.

In January 2008, Felicity Baker found herself in a hospital emergency ward unable to swallow anything including her own saliva.  After months of tests, Felicity discovered there was nothing physically wrong with her.  She had created the whole thing with the power of her mind.

The limiting beliefs and negative self-talk she had burdened herself since she was aged 5 had reared it's ugly head.

What followed was something that no one could possibly believe to be true; except that it is.  After having to retrain herself to eat, starting with baby food, Felicity transformed her life.  She did this without drugs.  Felicity's life was transformed using exactly the same thing that nearly destroyed it - her mind.

Felicity discovered the importance of empowering children and the child within us all.

If you never believed in miracles – you will be the end of this book.

If you never believed you create your reality – you will by the end of this book.

Be inspired as you learn what the mind is capable of.

Get ready to let go of any limitations you thought you had.

Because if she can overcome this… YOU can overcome anything.

Your life is never going to be the same again.

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