YouTube Survival Guide: What to Do If Your YouTube Account Gets Terminated

Imagine: You built your online business by marketing with YouTube videos. Then you wake up one morning to discover “Your Account Has Been Terminated!” Can you avoid this? Can you fix this? Get the scoop from Video Marketing expert, James Wedmore.
By: Dawn Damico
Dec. 19, 2011 - PRLog -- Imagine this: You’ve spent all year building your online business using a free platform that gave you phenomenal exposure that you, the humble entrepreneur, could never afford on your own. I mean, we are talking about exposure to millions of potential customers every day – for free.

And then, you wake up one morning to see how your online business is doing on this platform and you are faced with this message: “Your Account Has Been Terminated!”

All you hard work – gone! Your business – gone! Scary, right?

Well you don’t’ have to imagine it. This is no fairy tale. This is exactly what has happened to lots of YouTube accounts recently after Google purchased the Video Platform and set in motion a sort of “cleaning house.”

But what has happened in some cases is that the baby has, in fact, been thrown out with the bathwater and some well established and credible business owners with YouTube accounts have been shut down.

So, the next question if your YouTube account is terminated should be, “What can you do about it?”

Well, fear not. You don’t have to give up your dreams of living the Internet Lifestyle or creating a successful business online. James Wedmore, founder of Video Traffic Academy ( has a virtual classroom full of students that have been learning the in’s and out’s of how to use Video Marketing successfully in their business. After one of his students experienced interruption of his account, James interviewed him to get a step by step account of the action steps taken to get back online.

The result: an Official Survival and Prevention Guide for YouTube Termination!

First of all, it’s important to understand that if your YouTube channel is not of great quality, these steps probably won’t work for you. The whole foundation of what YouTube and Google are doing revolves around creating a phenomenal user experience. That means that online business owners have to concentrate on delivering content of great value.

Now, if you have or want a successful online business, then the whole idea of delivering value is nothing new to you. However, there are some great businesses that have been caught up in this sweep.

Scott Colby, the subject of the interview, has actually been online for several years, had over 200 quality videos and well over 1.5 million views. So, he’s a veteran to Video Marketing and no stranger to delivering what’s promised in his fitness videos.

The good news is that Colby was able to get his account back up and running in just a few short days.

While only YouTube knows what will trigger termination, let’s cover some steps to prevent getting shut down:

1.   Create videos of Value
2.   Watch for Trigger Words (avoid spammy sounding keywords)
3.   No Fake-views or Fake Friends (stick with organic traffic and views)
4.   No Copyrighted Content (unless you hold the copyrights!)

But what happens when you have followed the rules and still get shut down? You can view the full interview with James Wedmore and Scott Colby at

Steps Taken to Get YouTube Terminated Account Back Up

The details of each step Colby took to get his business back online are discussed in that interview. It’s important to take note that the way that Colby handled the situation is exactly how all successful business owners handle issues that come up in the day to day running of their business – with professionalism and tact.

First, Colby went to the source: YouTube. He started the process to understand why the account was shut down and then took the steps required to get his account reviewed.

Next, Colby did something that is unique to running a business online. He posted an “Open Letter to YouTube” on his blog asking for an explanation for why his account had been wrongly terminated. The key here is that this was a professional, friendly letter.  Upon posting the blog, he contacted his sphere of influence including subscribers to his blog, customers, friends, business contacts, and followers of his social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, asking them to comment on the post. This is where Relationship Marketing has tremendous benefit.

Then, Colby made the decision to get his story out to even more people in hopes of getting picked up from other influential bloggers and journalists that were outside his sphere of influence. He did this by writing a newsworthy press release about the situation and syndicating it for the greatest online reach.

Finally, keeping in line with his professionalism, when YouTube made the decision to re-instate his account, he wrote a blog post and created a video expressing his gratitude to YouTube for acting so quickly, and also thanking his community for their support.

While running a business online has unique challenges and benefits, those who want to have success with their online business are discovering that many of the tried and true business principles still apply.

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James Wedmore is the founder of Video Traffic Academy which teaches powerful techniques for turning YouTube video traffic into highly qualified customers. You can learn more about him and his various training programs at:

Scott Colby is a fitness Guru and Abs Expert who uses his videos to teach workout and exercise tips that help shed unwanted belly fat so people can get in great shape. You can learn more about him and his various training programs at:

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