Internet marketing expert lifts the lid on how to increase the sales within your business quickly!

Jayne Wilkinson (Internet marketing expert) has revealed a number of strategies teaching businesses how they can increase their sales despite the current economic climate.
Dec. 15, 2011 - PRLog -- Jayne Wilkinson, one of the foremost authorities on Internet marketing in the UK has revealed little, exclusive strategies that thriving businesses use to increase their sales regardless of the current economic climate. Jayne Wilkinson is the author of the fast selling title named "Five marketing formulas that when implemented will instantly increase your profits despite the current economic climate" and she believes it is about time that SME's are given access to these strategies so that they can utilize them and increase their sales without much capital and regardless of the economic climate.

Jayne Wilkinson has previously worked with large blue-chip companies, but has now chosen to work with smaller businesses, helping them to increase their sales and profits in the recession. She has vast experience in utilising both online and offline marketing techniques and has helped numerous businesses both large and small to increase their sales using the Internet and is regarded as an expert in the field of Internet marketing.

Jayne Wilkinson explains that for many small businesses, the only way to gain a quantitative insight into the huge benefits that the Internet may bring to their business specifically is to test out a few strategies, whilst possibly employing a number of experts along the way, often at a huge cost because many experts are often specialists in only one or two fields.  Another problem that often arises is that most experts are either specialist in either Internet marketing or “traditional” marketing, but very few can integrate both to the maximum benefit of the business concerned. This can lead to inconsistencies between both online and offline strategies rather than the two fully complimenting each other to yield maximum benefits.

But now Jayne Wilkinson has revealed five strategies comprising both online and offline marketing strategies in her fast selling title named "Five marketing formulas that when implemented will instantly increase your profits despite the current economic climate". The e-book describes the five marketing strategies that many successful businesses implement within 32 pages meaning it is short, concise and can be accessible to even the busiest of business owners. It even contains an entire section on implementing the strategies within your business, meaning that if you successfully take action and even simply test a few of the strategies outlined, by this time next year, your business will be even more successful-guaranteed.

The e-book is available for download at a substantially reduced price of just £19.97 consistent with Jayne Wilkinson’s ambition to make increasing your sales affordable and realistic even in these difficult times. The e-book also contains two exclusive offers.

The first offer is guaranteed to save your business some money on your website design requirements by offering you 20% off the price of a 2-3 page professional website for your business.

The second exclusive offer is exceptional. It will give you the unique opportunity of having Jayne Wilkinson herself come to your business and walk you through how to increase your sales step-by-step utilizing all of the strategies contained within her e-book plus many more strategies that Jayne only ever reveals to her private clients.

You can learn more about Jayne Wilkinson personally at and you can find out more about her hugely successful e-book and/or purchase it at

You can also contact Jayne Wilkinson at: Nephrite Consultancy; 88 Wood Street; 10th floor; London; EC2V 7RS.

Tel: 0208 528 1536/0870 879 3334.


You can connect with Jayne Wilkinson on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @wilkinson.jayne


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