Bridgeport Fittings Introduces Mighty-Align™ ‘Slip’ Style Couplings

Allows EMT to be coupled in tight locations or where there is limited accessibility
Dec. 14, 2011 - PRLog -- STRATFORD, Conn. – Bridgeport Fittings announces new Mighty-Align™ “Slip” Style Couplings. The UL-Listed couplings allow EMT to be coupled in tight locations or where there is limited accessibility.

Designed to join together two ends of ¾ inch or one-inch EMT, the coupling’s back-out center screw permits 241-DCSLP and 242-DCSLP to be temporarily located on one cut end while adjacent end is slid into place. The contractor backs out the center screw, as necessary, to slip the coupling over the conduit, ensuring both ends of the conduit are visible in the sight hole, before tightening all set screws.

The Mighty-Align™ “Slip” Style Couplings are part of Bridgeport’s exclusive and innovative “Mighty-B”™ line of high-quality, high-performance products focused on getting a contractor’s job “done fast, done right.”

The Mighty-B™ line is comprised of labor saving or problem solving devices – unique in their design – that cover a full range of connectors, couplings and other innovative product categories.

More information on the Mighty-B line can be found on Mighty-B’s own web page ( or in conversation with Mighty-B on the super hero’s Twitter account (

For more information, contact: Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., 705 Lordship Blvd., Stratford, CT 06615; Tel: (203) 377-5944; Fax: (203) 381-3488; or visit

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Bridgeport Fittings is a leading supplier of quality fittings to the industrial, commercial and residential channels of the electrical industry.

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