Dubuque Rescue Mission Spends $10 000 to Kill Bed Bugs, BedBugRemovalGuide Helps to Reduce Expense

Bed bugs got Dubuque Rescue Mission spending $10 000. The bed bug treatment bill wiped-out the shelter's saving intended for food and stuff of men in need.
By: Caroline Cooper
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Dec. 2, 2011 - PRLog -- Dubuque Rescue Mission in Iowa had been suffering from bed bugs for months. To get rid of the vampire-like pests, all of its savings was spent for the bed bug treatment. BedBugRemovalGuide wanted to help the shelter prevent the same thing from happening. And so, it shared a secret how to kill bed bugs effectively without having to spend so much money.

For their bed bug elimination service, the mission paid the hired pest exterminators $10 000. And though availing the professional treatment cleared off the pests, a wiped out saving took their place. To continue their work of helping homeless men get their lives back, the shelter hopes that the Dubuque people will step up.

Before hiring professional pest exterminators, directors of the mission said they tried everything to kill bugs by themselves. However, instead of being eliminated, the pests increased in number.

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“For years, the Dubuque Rescue Mission in Iowa had been helping homeless men get their lives back. But with the recent bed bug problem raging the shelter, getting the work done is now more difficult than before.”

“Suffering from bed bugs for months, the mission finally have had enough of the blood-sucking pests. To clear off the insects, pest exterminators were called in earlier this week. Sure, the move worked. However, the $10 000 bill the cleaning left wiped out the Mission's entire savings.”

“According to the directors of Dubuque Rescue Mission, they did everything to get rid of bed bugs.  Despite their efforts though, more bed bugs showed up. That's when they decided they needed professional help. But with bed bugs gone, the  mission now got another thing bugging them – where to get money for food and stuff for the men they're helping.”

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“For several months bed bugs have plagued the Dubuque Rescue Mission.”

“Earlier this week a pest control company cleaned up the mess.”

“The bugs are gone, in their place- a ten-thousand dollar cleanup bill.”

“That wiped out the Rescue Mission’s savings.”

“The Mission relies heavily on donations. With this huge unexpected- and not budgeted expense- they need those donations now more than ever.”

“Directors at the Dubuque Rescue Mission say they tried it all.”

“Rick Mihm said, “we sealed them in bed bug proof mattress and that seemed to help. Then we got these climb up things which go under the legs of the bed. ”

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What happened to Dubuque Rescue Mission can happen to anybody. To help bed bug sufferers prevent the worst of the pests' negative financial effects, BedBugRemovalGuide shared that immediate treatment at the first sign of the pests' presence is the key.

To get that done, the site added that Bed Bug Bully's aid is needed. Apart from being effective, Bed Bug Bully is also safe and inexpensive. And so it concluded that it is the best product for a complete bed bug removal without having to spend too much.

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