New Direct Sales Company, Vault Denim, Offers Designer Jeans at 50% Off

New Utah-based direct sales company, Vault Denim, offers the direct sales market with quality designer jeans for half the price off. The company also offers a Ground Floor Direct Sales Opportunity for interested consultants.
Dec. 1, 2011 - PRLog -- Vault Denim, a direct sales company based in Sandy, Utah and launched to the direct selling public last 2010, was pleased to introduce their collection of designer jeans from some of the biggest brands known in the fashion industry at 50% cheaper than prices available in retail stores. Established out of the desire to offer high-end fashion for less, Vault Denim has certainly succeeded in delivering great price value to customers. The company offers premium brands, which are also offered in retail stores.

The selling point of Vault Denim jeans are its price. “I am so grateful to have found Vault Denim. I was able to buy my 3 daughters and myself several pairs of designers jeans for hundreds less than they would have cost at the department store at the mall” said Nancy Hendricks, a loyal customer of Vault Denim from Dallas Texas. The company is able to supply popular designer labels for less because they purchase overstock items from suppliers. While inventory items are subject to availability, the company restocks their supplies with new collections each month.

As a direct sales company, Vault Denim employs a multi-level marketing framework for distribution, which allows fashion consultants to recruit interested representatives to the company and earn a portion of their recruits’ commissionable sales. Fashion consultants for Vault Denim can earn from up to two generations of downlines, offering 7% sponsorship commissions on first generation downlines and 5% on second-generation downlines.

Interested consultants who want to join Vault Denim can purchase starter kits for $159, which comes inclusive of business cards, a personalized Vault Denim email address, training materials, 50% off on one pair of designer jeans, and full access to Vault Denim inventories. Since stocks are limited, Vault Denim provides inventory items, instead of consultants having to purchase them manually. Consultants who wish to restock on their inventory items can contact a regional coordinator in their area. However, since Vault Denim is fairly new to the industry, not all areas have regional coordinators but as more fashion consultants sign up in a particular area, the company will automatically assign a regional coordinator for that area for easy access to monthly inventories. Before anyone can become a fashion consultant for the company, they are first encouraged to undergo training with their sponsors. After this has been completed, each consultant will be given full access to regional inventories. Fashion consultants can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 18% to 24%, depending on monthly sales volume. Those who are able to sell $1000 to $2,399 in a month can earn 18% and those who have personal sales volume of $2400 and above can earn the maximum commission rate, which is 24%.

Vault Denim also employs party-plan marketing, as they encourage their fashion consultants to sell items through home parties. Party hostesses can earn a 10% cut from their party sales, which they can use to purchase their own Vault Denim jeans. Vault Denim fashion consultants are encouraged to take all of their inventory items to home parties so that consumers can try them on and purchase them then and there. Such parties appeal to women because there is no need to wait for orders to be shipped, as all available items are brought to the party. Dozens of women have enjoyed hosting and attending Vault parties. “What a relaxed and fun atmosphere to be able to visit with my girlfriends and try on jeans--- in the comfort of my friend’s home. I plan on hosting a party and earning myself a free pair of jeans”, Sarah Allman from Des Moines, Iowa, said with much enthusiasm after attending her first Vault Denim event.  Interested hostesses can simply contact a Vault Denim fashion consultant to schedule an event at their desired date. All inventory items will be provided by the VFC assigned to the party. There are no limits to how many parties hostesses can host in a month for as long as there are available dates and inventory items. Vault Denim party sales averages around $500 per party, as jeans’ prices range from $48 to $92.

Since the company is only a year old, they still offer new consultants a quick-start program, which gives them the chance to get free jeans for themselves or additional inventory items and vacation incentives for top sellers. As a ground floor opportunity, Vault Denim hopes to offer women a new business opportunity that taps into both the direct sales and fashion industries.

Sales representatives who are interested in the Vault Denim business opportunity can visit the company’s website for more information or sign up through a VFC in their area. Interested hostesses can also schedule a party with a VFC in their area though the website or email to find a consultant.

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