John Joseph “The Brain Man” visits PTIS International School

John Joseph – The Brain Man – was recently invited to PTIS International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to interact and challenge their students to learn more about their most important asset - their own brain.
John Joseph working with PTIS Junior School
John Joseph working with PTIS Junior School
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John Joseph
The Brain Man
PTIS International School
Chiang Mai
International School


Mae Rim - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Dec. 1, 2011 - PRLog -- During his week long stay on the Traidhos Community campus he presented a rich variety of workshops and presentations to students, teachers and parents. His visit was part of the school’s on-going commitment to examine key issues confronting education in the 21st Century.

Insight into how the brain works and how we can use that knowledge to make positive changes was common themes for the three hugely diverse audiences John Joseph - international educator, presenter and writer - met during his visit.

The classroom of the future must reflect both the biological and social nature of diversity and create programs based on learning rather than teaching. John’s role, he states, is to present modern, evidence-based research to students, faculty and parents as well as advising, steering, and guiding them with this longitudinal study. He presented this eye-opening research at PTIS in a humorous, professional address, which was both motivating and practical, suggesting real strategies and knowledge his audience could apply immediately in day-to-day school and home life.

Engaging students

“I am very excited that PTIS is an important part of the Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning. As a learning community we want to learn more about how our students’ brains work and what are the best conditions to make sure our students are learning in order to reach their full potential,” says Maxine Driscoll, Head of School.  

Having worked with over 130,000 school students across twenty-six countries, John Joseph said that globally students still ask the same questions, have the same issues and are fascinated with how the brain works. Daunting as it may seem, he very successfully adapted his message to a level of understanding of children ranging from Early Years 3 to Grade 12, simply stating that all his information was similar, no matter the age group.

Using a brilliant, realistically-based program, Mind Your Brain: How to Become a Superstar Learner, he challenged the students to learn more about their most important asset - their own brain.  He explored ways in which students could find or restore their own natural balance and how the brain could be used as part of that recovery process. Joseph’s message was clear: the brain needs certain biological conditions for it to work at optimal levels – sleep, nutrition, exercise and safety from threat such as drugs and alcohol. The use or abuse of these conditions directly relates to learning performance.

Joseph’s open and relaxed manner, use of narrative, creative activities, stunning 3-D imagery and time-lapse photography of the brain immediately engrossed and entertained students in an unexpected way, creating a dynamic learning environment. As the first generation of students to be brought up entirely in the age of computers, social networking and computer games, they are not only drawn to, but seek this form of communication as it deeply interests them and is reflective of the world in which they live.

John Joseph offered students factual research to better understand the complex process of learning, and in particular, to increase their sense of control over their own brain’s learning performance.

Students looked at ways they could make better personal decisions making them more efficient and productive. His powerful message “an optimized brain uses less effort allowing more leisure, family and personal time” was a great motivator! Feelings of satisfaction, motivation, confidence and deeper engagement within the classroom are other positive bi-products of an optimized “de-stressed” brain!

•   He is amazing
•   He is so interesting
•   I’m going to get more sleep
•   I am going to make changes in my life ... were some of the students’ comments.

John’s visit also drew 376 teachers from Korea, Malaysia and multiple Chiang Mai International schools to attend his 6-hour workshop at PTIS as well as 130 parents to the Kantary Hills Hotel in Chiang Mai for his informative discussion on Parenting – with the brain in mind.

John’s message is a powerful tool in a school community, and when applied it makes a school both dynamic and entrepreneurial, and a nurturing place. PTIS is committed to give its students every possible chance to reach their full potential and plans are already underway for our John’s return to PTIS in 2012.

About John Joseph

John’s vast experience with young people with challenging behavior and poor attachment to school underpins his desire to formulate change. His thinking about education results from the rich interplay between his early life encounters, his own schooling, his systemic experience, the years of lecturing at universities, his prolific reading of current research and the face -to-face interactions he has undertaken over the past decade.

Between 1997 and 2010, John Joseph presented keynote addresses, conferences and workshops sessions to more than 300,000 people representing more than 3,000 schools across twenty-six countries. Week after week, he facilitates full-day workshops for student groups where he challenges young people to learn about learning, behavior and emotions.

John uses stunning computer-generated graphics and actual brain dissections to engage kids. He has facilitated the dissections of more than 140, 000 sheep brains! Little wonder that people refer to him as “The Brain Man”!

For more information about the ‘Brain Man’ please visit his website:

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Established in 2001, PTIS International School is one of the most prestigious international schools in South-East Asia and one of only a few boarding schools in Asia offering the International Baccalaureate Program (IB).

Residing on the tropical grounds of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning, PTIS provides a holistic (Pre K-12) IB education on a spacious, nature-filled campus, with comfortable boarding facilities to accommodate international students from across Asia and beyond.

More than 35 nationalities make up the international school student body. At Traidhos, visiting students and adults of all ages can also enjoy specialized professional sport academies in Tennis, Golf, Cricket and Football.

With a 100 acre campus admired by international schools of Thailand and across the world, the school boasts a peaceful and studious environment, with famous Thailand hospitality to help nurture the students' growth and development.
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