Fitness Over 40: A New Program with A New Outlook

Fitness over 40 is not only possible, it can be simple with this step by step program that covers everything from healthy eating, exercise and fitness, and much, much more.
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Dec. 3, 2011 - PRLog -- These days, it feels like maintaining fitness over 40 is more and more challenging,  With sexy Hollywood stars in their forties and beyond having plastic surgery, Botox injections, liposuction, and other new procedures, it is no surprise that people feel pressured to look their best at any age.  

The good news is, the newest way to maintain fitness over 40 doesn’t come out of a bottle, and is not administered intravenously.  No needles, no drugs, and no rigorous, time consuming exercise programs that have users spending more time at the gym than with friends and family.  

A new program, Happy and Fit Over 40, has been developed with everyday people in mind.  People who don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in the latest technological breakthroughs in plastic surgery and pills are discovering that regaining a youthful and fit appearance and, more importantly, feeling better than ever, really are things that are within reach of everyday people.  

Is Fitness Over 40 Possible?
There are two  common problems many people who are either approaching or beyond their fortieth birthdays tend to experience.  First of all, metabolism tends to stall, leading to expanding waistlines and lower energy levels – two problems that each serve to make the other worse.  

Secondly, as people begin feeling older, it’s sometimes too easy to stop worrying about the way that you look.  Gaining weight, lower energy levels and diminishing sensual acuity are often thought of as natural signs of aging.  Giving in to this kind of thinking can have a very negative impact on long term health. Instead of just letting nature take it's course, say “Yes” to life by maintaining fitness over 40.  

The benefits of the Happy and Fit Over 40 program include.
• No chemicals.  Instead, the program promotes ways to harness all that nature has to offer, to regain energy and feel more alive.
• Knowledge: Knowledge is power.  There is no need to spend months to learn about the 9 different topics covered in this program.  The experts featured in Happy and Fit Over 40 have done the research and compiled a wealth of information that can help teach how to detoxify and rebuild body systems, supercharge metabolism, boost immune function, and melt inches of fat.  
•  Mental function may very well increase as toxins that cause feelings of depression and lowered self-confidence are released.  
• Less aches and pains.  Say goodbye to stiffness and sore joints, neck pain and muscle aches, leg cramps and backaches – all those things associated with “getting older.”  
Other benefits to the program include learning how to increase resistance to degenerative diseases commonly associated with aging, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, arthritis, and more.  With plenty of comprehensive information, this new anti-aging “tool kit” is something that helps maintain fitness over 40.

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And you can get a free 9 part mini course on 7 simple steps to break your addiction to sugar at where expert author Mary Ann MacKay promotes optimal wellness through nutrition, diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness over 40 is a cinch with the right program. Visit for a comprehensive program that addresses everything you need to get fit over 40 years of age. Click now and learn how you can lose weight, regain your old energy level and feel better than ever.
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