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The Family Hospital at Mumbai India provides safe and legal abortion services for women in their first and second trimester pregnancy for women flying from far off countries like UAE Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Kenya Uganda Tanzania Phillipines Indonesia
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Nov. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- The Family hospital is a government recognized abortion center which provides the complete spectrum of health related services for women including abortion for first and second trimester pregnancy. They also guide women for medical abortion in early pregnancy.

The center is well equipped - neat and clean with a professional team of qualified doctors and caring nurses to take care of women from India and abroad.

With a large population of women in Middle east having faith in the center - they have a steady flow of patients coming to India - Mumbai for women health related treatment including cosmetic surgeries.

The center is well located in the western part of Mumbai and just a hour drive from the Mumbai international airport.

First Trimester Abortion at the Family Hospital

A first trimester surgical abortion, which is considered up to approximately 11 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP), is completed by a procedure known as dilatation and evacuation (D&SE).The procedure alone will take approximately 10 minutes, although the visit to the Operation room would be for half hour.

The procedure can be performed under deep sedation. You will not see, hear or feel any part of the surgery. To ensure your safety on the day of your appointment, you will go through a series of pre-operative assessments with the medical staff. You will have:
Ultrasound - to determine the gestational age of the pregnancy
Lab testing - to evaluate vital signs and to determine blood type as well as hemoglobin level
Consultation - to address your questions and concerns about the procedure
History and Physical - to review your medical history, current physical state and birth control options

After your pre-operative assessment has been completed, you will be prepared for surgery by way of pre procedure medications and escorted to the operating room for the procedure. During the surgery there will be approximately 3-5 medical staff in the operating room with you (depending on your individual needs).

The procedure will begin with the physician performing a pelvic exam to determine the size and location of the pregnancy in the uterus. The doctor will then insert a speculum into the vagina so that he/she can view the cervix. The cervix is the lower end of the uterus, and is located at the top of the vaginal canal. The doctor will clean the vaginal canal with an antiseptic. Next, he/she will dilate, or open, the cervix by inserting a series of sterile metal/silastic rods, one by one, into the opening of the cervix. These rods, called dilators, gradually increase in width.

Dilation for a first trimester abortion is minimal. Once the cervix is opened, the physician will be able to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. The doctor will insert a sterile, plastic, flexible tube called a “cannula” into the uterus. The cannula is attached by a tube to a machine called a “vacuum aspirator”, which creates a suction that removes the pregnancy. Once these steps are complete, the surgeon will clean the inside of the uterus with an instrument called a curette to ensure that all pregnancy tissue has been removed.

The whole process takes about 5 – 10 minutes. After surgery, the patient will be monitored for about 2-4 hours. At the end of 4 hours - patient is able to drink and eat and move around the center.

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Second trimester abortion at The Family Hospital

The second trimester abortion process is more elaborate. The second trimester abortion is done from 12 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy at the Family Hospital at Mumbai.
The second trimester abortion involves the same process of pre procedure assessment including blood tests and sonography. The procedure of abortion is explained to the women and accompanying personnel. Medications are instilled in to cervix. After a period of 12-24 hours, oral and vaginal medications are given to induce contractions. Following the medications, the uterus contracts and POC are expelled out following which D & C is done under sedation and the process is completely painless.

Post procedure assessment is done to confirm the health status and routine medications for pain and antibiotics are given. At times, medications for milk suppression are provided to suppress breast milk production.

Generally a stay of 2-3 days is needed for second trimester abortion.

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Non-Surgical Abortion at The Family Hospital at Mumbai

Non-surgical abortion is commonly called “abortion by pill” or medical abortion. It is a non-invasive procedure for terminating a pregnancy. The name of the abortion pill is Mifeprex, and it has also been called Mifepristone and RU-486.

Mifeprex has been available as an early abortion method in the United States since September 2000, although in several other countries around the world, mifepristone and RU-486 have been legal, early abortion methods for more than 10 years. We have been using the Medical abortion since the last 5 years in selected women and the results are excellent.

While studies have shown that various regimens for administering the medications can work safely and effectively, the FDA has approved only one regimen for administration in women in early first trimester pregnancy. While some doctor’s offices and clinics may use the FDA approved method, others may use an alternative or “off label” method which should have similar success and safety rates. We at the Family hospital at Mumbai provide Medical abortion pills strictly as per FDA guidelines.

The non-surgical abortion is known as an early abortion method works well if it is used till about 49 days from the first day of  the last menstrual period (LMP) beyond which the surgical abortion may be a better and reliable option for abortion.

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For more information on abortion related procedure at the Family hospital - kindly visit our website or call us on 0091 98211 50889 - abortion helpline available 24/7.
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