Unique Holiday Gifts For Special People - Hand Crafted Art

If you want to give Christmas gifts which won't tarnish, rust or fade, also come with history, beauty and artistic style, then you should really read the story and check it out.
Nov. 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Holiday is coming. Do you have list of ideas which Christmas gifts will be given? Perhaps you should check out some amazing art crafts and behind story. It can be perfect special holiday gifts for anyone who loves art.

All these amazing hand-crafted art like bikes and raiders shield are listed at http://www.freedombike.net/. They are made by European artist Paulu. They are all started at one end of the handle bars, and end at the other. As Paulu would say, "Break to Break without a Break!"

Paulu gives all bikes as "freedom bikes". It starts with a single strand of wire (aluminum, copper, silver or gold), twists and turns it until he completes any of these beautiful bikes.

Paulu’s talent has earned him travel through out the US and Europe. His bikes have become known all over the world as "One of a Kind", every bike hand made by the artist himself.

The Bike earned it's name “THE FREEDOM BIKE” from a prisoner of war that was moved from camp to camp during WWII. One day at the camp, while this prisoner was "twisting", a little boy named Wilhem, also called Bill, asked the prisoner if he would teach him. The prisoner agreed and began the first step of the lesson. Before the prisoner would teach Bill, he made him agree that he would only teach one person every 5 years. Of course, Bill agreed and the first lesson began.

Unfortunately Bill only got one lesson because the prisoner was moved from the camp at that night. Bill took the model of the bike and kept look at it until he could twist one completely by himself. These original Bikes of Bill, are notified by a single right paddle. Paulu introduced the second paddle to the bike in 1987.

Once Paulu saw one of these bikes, he was totally fascinated and purchased one immediately! That bike sat on Paulu’s desk for a couple of years.

From unfortunate events, in the late 89 early 90′s, Paulu found himself homeless. To proud to ask for a place to live, Paulu took his possessions and sold everything at the local flea market.

Paulu took what little money that he had from the stuff that he sold, took his one piece of art work, a “One paddle” bike that he bought from Bill years earlier, bought the wire, the two pairs of pliers, and the wheel template, and taught himself how to twist the “Freedom Bike”. It was that Freedom Bike that finally managed to help Paulu get a place with running hot water and a real toilet!

Paulu had become friends with Bill. They would run miles to together with Paulu’s dog Shylo. But as life would have it, the two lost contact with each other only hoping to meet again one day at one of the many tourist attractions throughout the world.

Thanks to those who have purchased these bikes and have enjoyed their company, Paulu has never been homeless again! These bikes have been said to be a great conversation piece and a “mind teaser”. “How did he twist this one wire into this bike?”

Paulu has increased his art line to earrings, and coffee end table pieces. He makes hearts with individual names. He recently started making Raiders Nation shields with two swords and the Raiders football name across the top. Also introducing 49ers - SF enclosed in a heart.

Visit Freedom Bike Sites to See All Beautiful Hand-Made Art Crafts at http://www.freedombike.net/.
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