Proof that Money is Slavery by Proxy Causes Panic Among US National and Civic Leaders

The desperation displayed by the recent illegal collusion against Occupy Wall Street by many big-city Mayors proves that US leaders are now in abject panic mode, because a growing number of people finally grasp that Money is Slavery by Proxy.
Nov. 22, 2011 - PRLog -- These leaders, acting rashly and arrogantly to protect wealth and money, have blatantly colluded across state lines to trample protesters' Constitutional protections of free speech, right to assembly, and other constitutional guarantees. Hundreds of thousands gathered across the country, plus millions more on the internet, are demanding redress of legitimate grievances, long ignored and ridiculed by the rich and powerful. It is both unconstitutional and a standard practice for police forces across the USA to apply extra-judicial punishments to people not yet charged with any crime. Since most of these have been poor minorities in the past, most people turned a blind eye or quickly forgot about it, even when such incidents were exposed on video.

Now police and civic leaders across the USA have demonstrated that their police forces are so accustomed to trampling Constitutional rights that they arrogantly concluded they could get away with assaulting peaceful protesters, even though they were filmed doing so. That level of arrogance and callousness is a telling sign of what occurs outside of the spotlight. It now becomes hard to deny that the ultimate purpose of police forces are to defend the rich against the poor, and any others that get out of line. The cities of Oakland and New York City stand out as stark examples of the arrogant mindset that money, profits, and corporations are more important than living people or their protections under the US Constitution. While striving to bury the truth, they have instead produced additional powerful evidence that greed, money, and profits have trumped the US Constitution. Our leaders blatantly serve those with the most money, while cruelly oppressing those with the least. This exact same dynamic also plays out on the international stage.

In addition, there are continuing efforts by police forces and the Federal government to infiltrate, scapegoat, and disrupt the efforts of people who oppose the fraudulent economic and political activities of our leaders, corporations, and the obscenely rich that control them and thereby manipulate the lives of everyone else. They have worked overtime manufacturing lists of excuses as pretexts for why it is OK to attack peaceful people seeking their constitutional rights. They have repeatedly used agent provocateurs and other tactics to cause violence and numerous other problems to be used as justification for blatantly illegal and unconstitutional violent attacks. National and civic leaders have cluelessly committed felonies by these actions, exposing their level of fear, desperation, and arrogance.

Many watching from the sidelines are scratching their heads and wondering aloud why so many civic leaders would risk so much by colluding across state lines, in conjunction with Federal officials, to commit felonies against the Occupy encampments in their cities. It is understandable that individual cities would need to manage their local situations and even trade knowledge with other mayors. But to escalate to blatant collusion to use force against the movement, in multiple cities on the same day and others over the next couple of days, raises this to a felonious assault and interstate conspiracy to knowingly circumvent the US Constitution. These actions, and the level of desperation they expose, are strong evidence that both national and civic leaders fear something else, beyond the obvious spectacle and muddled message of these protests. It is also evidence that they are being directed and managed from a single location, even if all the mayors are not fully aware of this.

Still the question remains, why make such desperate moves across multiple state lines, and why now? To further complicate the situation for the leaders in NYC, they have just made a very big deal about arresting and charging a young man with terrorism, even though the FBI advised them against it. This comes two days after another so-called "lone wolf" allegedly fired shots at the WhiteHouse and was captured and charged with attempting to assassinate the President, even though he was not in the country at the time. The timing, the profiles of these two "lone wolves" and the too perfect stories that were ready too quickly after their arrests exposes these as fraudulent attempts by some in positions of power to quickly change the news from the currently unfolding debacle they caused by their own arrogance.

Now these leaders have gone as far as manufacturing terrorists arrests meticulously designed to change the news cycle and misdirect people's attention. What is even more bizarre though is these latest two arrests are perfectly timed and designed to smear Mr. Page, a.k.a. Seven Star Hand. This very same pattern and technique has been detailed in previous releases and precisely matches that of the Norway and Arizona shooters earlier this year. This technique comes directly from the playbook used by Christian Rome and then the Vatican for centuries to falsely accuse and scapegoat entire populations, including the Knights Templar, Cathars, Jews, Muslims, etc. Now we see Mayor Bloomberg using these exact same tactics when he feels threatened. Why would these leaders go to such desperate extremes against peaceful protesters?

The hidden factor is that those pulling the strings of these leaders now greatly fear that the Occupy movement may soon become allied with and advised by former software engineer Buddy Page, the author of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand. It was also recently made public that the animated expose' of the banking system titled The American Dream Film was purposely based on the works and persona of Mr. Page, aka Seven Star Hand.

Consequently, these leaders have moved in multiple ways to attempt to prevent Occupy Wall Street and related movements across the country from accepting and understanding the proof that Mr. Page has published regarding the true nature and purpose of money, as well as who sits in the shadows manipulating the entire planet. All the evidence throughout the last two millennia point to the Vatican as the site of the secret central bank of Planet Earth.

Now that Mr. Page and others are making progress towards educating protesters, and the far larger group of supporters and the like-minded, about the true nature and purpose of money and the US Federal Reserve System, national and civic leaders have panicked and acted strangely and foolishly. They have shown by their actions how much they fear the truth about money, more than they fear these protests or even the blowback from the illegal collusion to violently attack them. They have also shown how much they fear this national movement will finally start focusing on the correct target and utilizing a quote by Seven Star Hand, purposely designed to cause panic among these leaders, ergo "Money is Slavery by Proxy." These latest events prove the effectiveness of this simple quote when matched with the supporting evidence.

Until recently, these leaders were comfortable, because they, their agents, and moles had effectively set Occupy Wall Street on a path to failure, away from the true sources and causes of the financial and monetary problems now plaguing the entire planet. Though the people joining Occupy Wall Street and related satellite movements know that great economic injustice exists, they have strangely failed to clearly enumerate any clear message or goals. It has become obvious to many that this group was either designed to fail or is being pushed in that direction by the agents of those who control our monetary system.

The articles titled Money is Slavery by Proxy and Seven Star Hand Illuminates the Collapse of the American Dream can be read at
They summarize the knowledge and evidence that has caused national, civic, and corporate leaders to foolishly jump into a well-laid trap. The only way out now is through truth and justice.

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The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament. The truth has escaped its cage, and gone on a rampage, seeking long overdue justice.
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