Sightings of Bed Bugs Bring Tenton School Officials to Action

A pair of bed bug sightings compelled Trenton School Officials to act. Bed bug treatments were immediately after the second bed bug incident.
By: Caroline Cooper
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Nov. 18, 2011 - PRLog -- Two sightings of bed bugs in Stokes Elementary School spurred Trenton Public Schools' officials to action. The steps were taken to make sure that the two minor bed bug incidents will not turn into an infestation.

The first sighting of the said pests happened last week. On the other hand, the second encounter occurred just last Wednesday. Immediately after the latest incident, letters were sent out to parents informing them about the pests' presence and that prescribed actions are being taken to resolve the issue.

Two unconnected students were identified to have brought the pests to the building. Both were temporarily excluded from the school and homes of them were inspected.

Rubbing alcohol and steam was used to clear off the areas the two students visited. A pest-control company was also hired for an additional treatment. Instead of other solutions though, BedBugRemovalGuide said that the use of a green a bed bug killer would have been better.

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“Lately, bed bugs can't seem to get enough of schools. The latest that reportedly the pests are checking out is the Stokes Elementary School in Trenton. And while no major infestation is happening yet, Trenton officials are taking steps to prevent it.”

“Bed bugs were said sighted in the school last Wednesday. Letters were immediately sent to parents that same day. In the letter, parents were informed that state-prescribed procedures are being followed to deal with the situation.”

“It's said that there was another sighting of the pests last week. Two unconnected students were identified to have brought the bed bugs from their homes into the school building during these two incidents. Families of the two students were informed about it and they were temporarily excluded from the school until the infestations in their homes are resolved.”

“To make sure that the school will have to deal no more with bed bugs, a pest control company was called-in to do bed bug treatment. That's an addition to the use of rubbing alcohol and steam by the district officials.”

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“After a pair of reported bedbug sightings at Stokes Elementary, officials with Trenton Public Schools said Thursday they have been taking steps to prevent an infestation at the school.”

“We had a sighting on Wednesday, and as a result of that we went through the proper protocol in collaboration with the city’s health department and our pest management associates,” interim superintendent Raymond Broach said yesterday. “We’re on top of it as much as we can be to keep the hysteria down and to keep our children as healthy and safe as we possibly can.”

“According to a letter to parents and school staff dated Wednesday, the district is following state-prescribed procedures to deal with the incidents.”

“In addition to Wednesday’s sighting, Broach said there was one other sighting last week. Two students at the school were identified as having brought the pests into the building, but Broach said there was no connection between the two pupils.”

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