Karen Harrington: What’s the Tie Between Javier Manjarres and Karen Harrington?

Is Karen Harrington paying Javier Manjarres to do her dirty work?
Nov. 18, 2011 - PRLog -- Well known and often looked down upon for his aggressive interviews and reporting style, Javier Manjarres is now being linked to Karen Harrington's campaign for House of Representatives. Javier Manjarres is a South Florida "conservative" political blogger who is constantly trying to ingratiate himself with the Marco Rubio political team and make a name for himself by creating division in the Republican Party. Javier is also known for making rude comments about the Treasurer of B.R.E.C. (Broward Republic Executive Committee) and was caught trying to create controversy by videotaping a Jewish Outreach event meeting without consent. Manjarres showed up at a BREC-related meeting in Coral Springs, audiotaped it, and put it on his blog. One official captured on the tape was Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, who later said in a video recorded by the Red Broward blog that he did not know he was being recorded. A criminal complaint was filed with the Coral Springs Police. In Florida, it is illegal to audiotape someone without his or her permission. With such a growing list of negativity, Karen Harrington supporters want to know why she is associating herself with someone who is constantly trying to bring down the Republican Party.

Karen Harrington and Javier Manjarres: Is Javier working for Karen Harrington?

Javier Manjarres of Shark-Tank.net continuously promotes Karen and her money bombs weekly on his Facebook page, though there is no record of Karen Harrington paying Shark-Tank.net. Knowing that Mr. Manjarres is divisive to the minority Republican Party in South Florida should be enough for Mrs. Harrington to separate herself from this disgrace. If this is not enough perhaps Karen Harrington should be aware that Javier Manjarres has a dark public record that shows he was arrested for burglary assault in 1995, an infraction for driving without a driver’s license in Palm Beach, and he was taken to court over domestic violence charges in July 2008. Javier wants to speak about Florida candidates having "phony Tea Party organizations", while he himself is a person to avoid when running for Congress. This self proclaimed "shark" who seeks out "political chum" in Florida politics will  be swimming in his own "chum" as people realize the extent of his criminal record.  

Javier Manjarres: Bashing the Republican Party

Javier Manjarres is known to attack new leaders of the Republican Party, such as the chairman of B.R.E.C. Richard DeNapoli. Manjarres has called DaNapoli the "Fuhrer" and claims he has turned the local GOP into a "circus complete with clapping seals and clowns." DaNapoli says the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) has strong membership and finances and Manjarres is just trying to drum up controversy for his blog. Manjarres has also attacked DeNapoli while DeNapoli was on his honeymoon in Italy. Javier chose this occasion to write a hit piece accusing him of false statements towards party members. Javier Manjarres seems to have no shame. He is no more than political paparazzi creating stories with falsehoods, backed by his own personal aggression towards candidates. To resolve the grievances and criminal complaints associated with Manjarres, the state party has recommended the creation of a task force know as the Resolution Committee. They are to investigate the actions and intent of Javier Manjarres. A recommendation has also been made to remove Manjarres from the executive committee, but this action has been delayed until the task force is done with its work. Is Javier Manjarres a legitimate Republican concerned about his own transparency, or is he really concerned about making money under the table by not saying anything negative about certain political campaigns, while bashing others?

In order to learn more about Javier Manjarres' shady history and view his criminal records, including domestic violence against women, go to  http://www.truthaboutjaviermanjarres.com/.

We ask Karen Harrington to renounce any ties to Javier Manjarres, in order to keep her campaign above board and transparent.

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