Winter hay fever / home fever solutions. Helping allergy sufferers breathe fresher air.

12 million allergy sufferers in the UK get winter hay fever or home fever from indoor allergens. Cleanaer, which is endorsed by Allergy UK, can help by reducing airborne particulates like house dust mite.
By: Gina Balarin
Nov. 16, 2011 - PRLog -- In the UK 21 million adults and many children suffer from allergies. Allergy UK, the national charity for allergies, state that allergy affects 1 in 3 of the population. A recent survey carried out with 1,600 allergy suffers has revealed that at least 12 million people are allergic to their own home.

Given the name of ‘winter hay fever’ or ‘home fever’, this out of season allergic reaction with hay fever-like symptoms increases during the winter months because as the weather worsens people spend more time in the house with the windows and doors closed tightly. Reduced ventilation, increased use of central heating and the risk of increased moisture levels provide ideal breeding grounds for allergens such as moulds and house dust mite.

Indoor allergies have increased significantly in the last 18 months, particularly to house dust mites which trigger allergic reactions for approximately 45% of people suffering with allergies. These allergies are particularly noticeable in the bedroom where dust mites are most prevalent. Up to 2 million dust mites can live in the average bed.

Indoor Allergy Week which takes places from 14-20 November 2011 is designed to raise awareness of indoor allergies caused by house dust mites, moulds and pets, as well as chemical sensitivity. Since the most common symptoms of allergies are a runny nose and sneezing, allergies can often be misdiagnosed. For the millions of sufferers, raising awareness can help find appropriate solutions.

Once an indoor allergy has been diagnosed there are many recommended cleaning measures to help reduce the prevalence of indoor allergens. This can help alleviate suffering and possibly decrease the need for medication.

However, even the most vigorous household cleaning routine can’t treat the air itself. Cleanaer air purifiers are endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation / Allergy UK for the removal of house dust mite and cat allergens. When used with a Pure Allergy cartridge Cleanaer air purifiers provide the ideal solution for allergy-sufferers, helping them sleep better at night by reducing allergens in the air.

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