Morris County NJ Personal Trainer Carey Yang Reviews 24/7 Fat Loss System to Lose Unwanted Body Fat

Morris County NJ personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang explains why most people do not burn fat 24/7 and reviews four simple strategies to help middle-aged men and women to burn fat 24/7 around the clock, every minute of every day.
Carey Yang, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert
Carey Yang, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert
Nov. 13, 2011 - PRLog -- For middle-aged men and women having trouble to lose unwanted body fat now can learn the scientifically proven strategies reviewed by Denville, Morris County NJ personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang.

Yang is the owner and master personal trainer at Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC -- a leading in-home personal training and weight-loss management company serving and helping clients in Morris County, Sussex County, Passaic County, Essex County and Somerset County areas in New Jersey.

There are two main reasons that people don't burn fat 24/7. First, most weight loss programs simply look at calories. Calories are important but only partially true in successful, sustainable fat loss. "The truth is, if your fat loss program is not strategically addressing your internal hormonal environment with specific strategies the amount of fat you're able to burn will be far from optimized and you pretty much have zero chance of actively burning fat for more than a few hours a day," Yang says.

Secondly, most people do not perform the type of exercises that truly boost their metabolism. The type of exercise that gets this kind of benefit is not the type of exercise commonly performed for fat loss in gyms all around the world. "If you're doing traditional slow-go cardio or high repetition, light weight resistance training, you are leaving each session with virtually no positive effect on your metabolism," Yang says.

"I discovered this powerful, breakthrough 24/7 Fat Loss system from two of  my most trusted fitness colleagues Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne." Yang says. "If you want burn fat 24/7, your body's fat burning hormones must be optimized 24/7 and your metabolism must be elevated around the clock with the use of four very strategic methods employed in the 24/7 Fat Loss system."

1. Optimized Nutrient Combining: Avoid deadly nutrient combination of carb and fat. Release of insulin and fat promote storage. Do this by simply protein in every meal.

2. Carb Syncing: Prime your body with carb at the right times, in the morning and after intense exercise.

3. Strategic Overfeeding: Restricting calories and dieting put your body to starvation mode and decrease your metabolism to burn less fat. Strategic overfeeding resets your metabolism and keep your fat-burning furnace running again.

4. Metabolic Resistance Training: This type of exercise provides a huge metabolic stimulus to the entire muscular and cardiovascular systems at the same time through strategically designed full body resistance training combined with minimal rest.  This is what allows for an unparalleled exercise-induced increase in metabolism for hours and hours after your session—something we call the "after burn."

"When you combine the metabolism power of Metabolic Resistance Training with the hormone-regulating power of Optimized Nutrient Timing, Carb Syncing, and Strategic Overfeeding, the only thing your body can do is respond by burning fat 24/7," Yang says.

"I encourage everyone, not just middle-aged men and women, to check out this 24/7 fat loss program review on my website." Yang says

About C. Carey Yang and Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC
C. Carey Yang, Your Dream Body WorkoutXpert (TM), is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Morris County, New Jersey. He provides in-home personal fitness training, backyard boot camp, wellness and lifestyle coaching, and fitness and weight-management seminar. He specializes in helping busy, working professionals who want safe, effective workouts with maximum results in minimum time. Yang is the creator of the 6-Step Dream Body Blueprint (TM) Body Transformation System.

To learn more about lifestyle and wellness coaching, personal fitness training and nutritional counseling and to sign up for a free monthly e-zine, receive free fitness and fat loss e-books, and schedule a complimentary consultation, visit

He is also available for media interviews, providing a list of tips and articles, and presenting wellness and fitness seminar. Call 973-303-2424 or email Carey at

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The company provides In-home personal fitness training, backyard boot camp, wellness and lifestyle coaching, and weight-management seminar. We specialize in helping busy people who want safe, effective workouts with maximum results in minimum time.
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