Flytouch 5 Cortex A8 Hammers Zenithink Z102, ZT-280

Flytouch 5 cortex A8 is the latest from the Flytouch Tablet PC series. The iBex Flytouch5 has a faster Cortex A8 Processor and runs Android 2.3. The tablet also boasts built-in GPS, 10" screen and Google Market. Zenithink Z102 A9 is not Flytouch5.
By: Flytouch 5 V10 Tablet Reviewer
Nov. 9, 2011 - PRLog -- iBex just released the 10.2" Android 2.3 Flytouch 5. This tablet runs Gingerbread whearas the Flytouch 3 and Flytouch 4 only ran Android 2.2.  The previous tablet's CPU only clocked around 800mhz and was an Arm 11 x220 CPU.

The iBex Flytouch5 has a worthy processor and upgraded operating system.  The Zenithink Z102 copies the Fly touch 5's outer appearance 100%. Ports are the same; Both have 2 usb ports, 1 tf card slot, 1 HDMI mini port, 3.5mm earphone jack and RJ45 ethernet port.

The fact that Zenithink would clone a Flytouch after its recent flop of the ZT-180 v2 and the buggy ZT-280 says a lot about how sought after and successful the iBex Flytouch 3 is.

Ibex tablets are some of the best iPad rivals as they are as described and have custom ROMs built for their tablets.  Tim's Rom (currently Tim6a) is a very popular rom. FlanFinger's "FunnyComb" rom is an Android 3.0 HoneyComb UI like ROM.

Both ROMs are highly popular and iBex tablets are supported on the support forum.

The fact that people are calling the clone Zenithink ZT-102 that Flytouch 5 is false advertising. The Correct Flytouch 5 specifications are as follows:

Flytouch 5 Specs:

Vimicro VC882 processor 1GHz
Cortex-A8 core (A8 is Faster than x220),
512MB internal memory,
Android 2.3 OS,
10.1-inch 1024*600 resistive touchscreen,
Built-in GPS w/ Antenna,
HDMI Out via HDMI mini port
2 USB Ports, 1 TF Card Slot, 1 RJ45 Port
Official Android Market supported

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