How to Get an ex Girlfriend Back

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back you are going to have to bring out your sneaky side. I know it's in you somewhere so you will need to start digging now.
Nov. 6, 2011 - PRLog -- How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Sneaky Tactics to Help You Get Your Girl Back
By Patrick J. Smith

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back you are going to have to bring out your sneaky side. I know it's in you somewhere so you will need to start digging now.


While you are all sad and blue and your thinking about your ex girlfriend constantly, you may be the last thing on her mind. To get your girl back you are going to have to learn some stealthy and precise tactics to help you in each and every way that you interact with your ex girlfriend.

The last thing you want is your ex girlfriend to do is find out the dirty little tricks you have up your sleeves.

Trying to figure out how to get your ex girlfriend back can be frustrating when everything you have done to get your ex back seems to only backfire. The problem with most break ups is that there is normally only one person who wants the relationship to work.

It might be apparent to your ex girlfriend who wants to move on that you were not ready to end the relationship and that you want to get her back. If you want to get your girlfriend back then you are going to have to appear to your ex girl that have moved on and that they are the last person on your mind.

So what's the best way to keep your mind of your ex girlfriend? Go out and have some fun with the boys. Go out and hang with your mutual friends. Show them that you can be strong and that you can have a good time without your ex girlfriend.

Sooner or later a little birdie will start chirping and let your ex girlfriend know that they saw you out and about (while they were at home crying probably) having a ball without a care in the world.

Your ex will start to wonder if you have given up on them, especially if you two break up and make up all of the time. Once she starts getting scared that she may lose you, you will have her right where you want her to be.

Before you know it you and your ex girlfriend will be talking again. When the two of you do don't fill her head full of lies or tell her the "who, what, where, when and why. Just let your ex girl know that you are doing fine. You don't have to try and make her jealous, this will happen naturally especially if they are sad while you seem to be happy and over the break up.

The best thing to do is console your ex girlfriend and let her know that their life is worth being happy about and that she should not be sad and blue.

Showing sympathy and compassion to your ex girlfriends emotions will help you tremendously when you are trying to get her back.

You ex girlfriend may have hit rock bottom and your goal is to bring her back up. Make her feel like a more secure and independent woman. This is a quality that most women find attractive and appreciate in a man.

Here is another tip to get your girl back.

If you want to get your girl back you should also understand that it's not going to happen overnight so give your relationship some time. You may be thinking about how to get your ex girlfriend back every second of the day, but you shouldn't show them that by being needy and desperate to get her back.

Stop the phone calls, stop the text messaging, and stop purposely bumping into her begging for forgiveness or a second chance.

What you want to do is wait a few weeks to contact your ex girlfriend. Don't bring up old stuff or start an augment, just check up on her and see how thing are going. Try to appear like one of her guy friends and not her boyfriend. The atmosphere or vibe on the phone should be as easy going as possible.

When you do talk to your ex girlfriend just let her spill her guts. The most important thing you should be doing is listening. Your ex girlfriend will appreciate the fact that your are listening to her true feeling and the way she feels about the relationship.

Especially if before you never let her get a single word out or constantly cut her off. Let your ex girlfriend pick up find all of your good qualities that she is starting to miss.

After following these tactics you and your ex girlfriend should be at least friends. You may be doing the hunting, but sooner or later you may become the hunted. It's very common that your ex girlfriend will come back to you without you even making the first advance. The best way how to get your ex girlfriend back is to make them want you.

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