Four Little Girls Stand Up to Bullies

Local Reynoldsburg, Ohio girls, fed up with bullying, find a unique way to encourage kids to report bullying.
Oct. 27, 2011 - PRLog -- It’s important for parents to find out whether their child is being bullied, but it’s equally as important for parents to find out whether their child is the bully.  This is just part of what four neighborhood girls relay in their video taped message titled “Inside Voice.”

One member of the foursome knows the wrath of bullies firsthand.  Things got so tough for her that she ended up having to change schools.  Standing up to bullies West Side Story style has allowed these girls to say what needs to be said to bullies without confrontation.

Creating a video message wasn’t enough though.  Although they uploaded the message to their YouTube channel (DJHKGurl), the girls understand that the videos of kids being bullied are more likely to be viewed than a call to action video.  With a message too strong to be overlooked, these girls are literally taking “Inside Voice” to the streets.  DJHK, which is what the girls call themselves and is the first initial of each of their names, has been going door to door urging people to listen to what they have to say about bullies. Once given the okay, the girls begin powerfully and then wrap it up with the public announcement, “If you or someone you know is a bully…if you or someone you know is being bullied, use your outside voice to tell-even if you have to yelllll!”

Most neighbors haven’t minded having their dinner or favorite television show interrupted, encouraging the girls to keep doing what they can to get their priceless point across.  Fox 28 News in Columbus, Ohio got wind of the girls' plight and featured them on a news segment.  The story got such great feedback, DJHK Gurls were invited to share their message live on Fox 28's Good Day Columbus  DJHK Gurls' goal is for their voices to be heard on a larger scale, but until then, they’ll continue their door to door method.

DJHK Gurls' anti-bullying anthem title "Inside Voice" can be viewed at

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