Proclamation Of The Existence Of Human Life Outside Our Earth Realm

Years of research and study tapping subconscious awareness bear fruit of knowledge.
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Extra-terrestial life


Round Rock - Texas - US

Oct. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- For the first time ever created electronic manuscripts of grammatical-mathematical nature reveal research documentary evidence that bear witness to an observed circumstantial synchronized and rhythmic phenomenon that permeates all existence, which influence and source cause is the human collective consciousness which is interlinked with the forces of nature, and we believers know as God.

   In modern days only supercomputers are capable of keeping track of all events taking place simultaneously around the globe. This research demonstrates that a special developed capable mind can tap into a sub-flow pool of information in existence and catch a glimpse of space and time crossing past, present, and future through the power of sharp disciplined meditative observation and is perceived mostly in the form of strong impressions, and sometimes with images containing grammatical-mathematical precise intricate information expressed in an elegant spiritual poetic authority fashion.

Expert meditation in reality is like fishing in your sub-consciousness, you throw your line or tap your mind streams and you slowly process what you find. Unlike real water fishing where you sometimes catch what you consider a small catch or a big catch and are stuck with that result, in the mind streams a small glimpse of information, be it mentally visual, or as an impression, is always a small part of a big picture. It is like a puzzle piece from either the past, the present, or the future that eventually after a period of laborious observation, documentation, analysis, editing, and complex mathematical confirmation work, it is all put together accurately deciphering and revealing the encrypted information thought.

The impressions and channeled information unveils a universal knowledge of “precision existence”, and reveals that our realm, as one of collective human thought and consciousness, when geared by self-destructive wrathful uncivil mind state, or by a constructive peaceful mind state, circumstances and conditions in our realm ripple to the forces of nature, affecting and altering their natural order state. This includes Earth’s electromagnetic field, tectonic plates, oceans, Earth’s weather and outer space weather, which reflect our collective mind state, and in universal timing returns to the energy source, responding and reacting as in mirroring the mental conditions with matching wrathful state or with peaceful calm. In other words, a big part of the discovery is that our fate as a species collectively, and the survival of planet Earth depends on the divine state of our human minds and hearts, as well as on our positive and conducive actions while respecting and sanctifying the existence of life and each other.

   The researcher and only active participant in his own study is Ramon Reyes, a Mexican immigrant whom has spent over two decades in private meditation through the power of deep observation analysis, gradually realizing, describing, deciphering and eventually electronically documenting the complex existence in memory of precision thought and perception of an inter-dimensional human-like culture of peace, and a realm of Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Choice, Ascension, Will, and Perception, that is known across space and time as THE UNIVERSE OF CHROME.

This study in turn has led to Ramon’s self-discovery, to his creation of an innovative Language Code of color, and to the realization of his karmic connection with the great visionary prophet Nostradamus, and his own destiny and light path.
The manuscripts are presented as a warning and as a peaceful non-violent beacon of hope for those of advanced open minds and compassionate hearts, that reveal different aspects of our world society that are harmful to our minds, health state and well-being, that must be avoided or discontinued, and can put in danger the existence of civilized humanity on Earth in the near future.

The book reflects a human-like inter-dimensional sophisticated social order apparent in all fashions designed to avoid the destruction of the hetero family structure order, through the honoring of royal bloodlines and family histories, revealing a high level concern by this knowledge regarding the decline of human moral earnestness that without control is capable of wiping out a great part of the memory and history knowledge of humanity through popular internal self-destruction and conquest. In the same way it happened in ancient times with the burning of ancient libraries containing papyrus documents, resulting in vital information and history being lost or distorted by evil controlling forces for lack of physical recorded evidence that brought an age of ignorance, disease, suffering and death to the world of mankind, as vital systems of knowledge and information were forgotten and lost in time.

This destruction of ancient records in turn led to the first age of darkness in memory, approximately a millennia before the time of Christ in which important history and written documents of those of Plato and many others were lost, leaving no memory of their true mind state, history, experiences and knowledge. Setting humanity in a backwards path, doomed to make the same mistakes of the past, and forced out of survival instinct, like undeveloped beings that had just discovered fire, to come out of their ignorance and elevate their knowledge and mind state to rediscover their own greatness and infinite potential, through the universal wheel of observation, analysis, logic, discovery of laws of nature, spirit, honor, merit, common sense, manipulation and harnessing of the elements, and the embodiment of conservatism in order to create a school of spiritual-scientific truth and precision thought, to one day as a species reach a high level of precision universal knowledge and achievement to ascend to the stars and move free in the universe.

The research has been documented as a copulation of dated e-manuscripts named: The Chrome e-Manuscripts available now at:
Source:Ramon Reyes
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Location:Round Rock - Texas - United States
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